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Misleading advertisements by Professional Colleges & Institutions misleading the Students

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  • Thiagarajan Arunachalam
    Misleading advertisements by Professional Colleges & Institutions misleading the Students - regarding Wednesday, October 6, 2010 9:50 AM From: Thumakunta
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      Misleading advertisements by Professional Colleges & Institutions misleading the Students - regarding

      Wednesday, October 6, 2010 9:50 AM
      "Thumakunta Sreerama" <thsreerama@...>
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      Dear Sirs,
      With specific reference to the information brought out in your present message under the heading: Watchdog pulls up cos for misleading ads, I would like to present the following few lines in public interest:-
      a)  There are Accreditation Bodies for providing recognition to various institutions running professional courses of study through distance education or regular education such as All India Council of Technical Education ( AICTE), Distance Education Council (DEC) & University Grants Commission (UGC); 
      b)  I have seen a number of notices being served by these Accreditation bodies making the position very clear to the Students and the public who are interested in getting their names enrolled for various professional courses such as EMBA/ MBA & such other courses duly citing reference to the notifications issued by certain institutions like IIPM, ICFAI etc., to the effect that the said institutions were not recognized and the diplomas or PG diplomas or Degrees awarded by them were not recognized by the said Accreditation Bodies. for the purposes of registration with Employment Exchange and also for the purposes of Employment under Government of India or States or Union Territories in India or overseas;
      c)  What is obstructing them in proceedings against such Institutions legally under the provisions of Section 420?
      d)  Or these Notifications are issued as a matter of routine in the meantime allowing such Institutions to collect as high as Rs.6 lakhs for MBA that too awarding Diploma Certificate only and not MBA Degree, that too being subject to non-recognition by the said Accreditation Bodies?  It is a big question standing before our eyes? If not so, why the hell these institutions are not proceeded against?!
      e)  Coming to the other side of the coin, Where are the Government Jobs?  How many people are getting government jobs?  Most of the people are turning towards Private sector jobs on account of the fact that there are a lot of manipulations / recommendations / bribes in order to get such appointments.
      f)  When private sector institutions or industries are not at all worried about such recognitions and accepting the candidates coming out from such institutions for the purposes of employment in their organizations and paying heavy salaries simultaneously getting excellent services from such candidates possessing such DEGREES, PG Diplomas or Diplomas issued from such Unrecognized Institutions, why so much hungama by these Accredited Institutions;
      g)  These so called professional institutions are carrying ISO Certifications with Local or Overseas ISO certifying bodies and the prospective candidates are getting admissions to such professional courses of study after thorough application of mind.  Many of such institutions are also providing placement support activities, which aspect stand totally ignored by the government of India there by leaving the candidates acquiring such professional qualifications from the Recognized Universities to their fate without extending such placement support services.
      h)  If I am not incorrect, the wards of the top grade officers of such Accredited Bodies themselves are getting  admitted to such high profile professional institutions AT THE INSTANCE OF THEIR PARENTS TOTALLY AGAINST THEIR OWN VERSIONS BEING BROUGHT OUT IN SUCH NOTIFICATIONS.
      I)  What a kind of diplomacy?
      j)  Coming to the quality of education in Universities, I am told that many B.Tech / B.E candidates with Computer Sciences are not at all considered for appointment by the Private Sector because of the fact that the coverage of syllabus has been attributed to be totally out dated.  In comparison with such candidates, graduates with latests short term certificate courses or diplomas in the field of computers are selected by the Recruiters.
      What action is taken by these Accreditation Bodies in getting the Course Curriculum revised mataching the requirements or needs of the Industry as such? Nothing. No action. Why? Why? Why???
      k)  In the process of extending counseling services, I was really shocked to know from the head of one Professional College he was interested in giving out an ad stating the fact that his institution was a Government of Andhra Pradesh recognized, simple because of the fact that his Insitution stood registered as an Educational Society under the Societies Registration Act, of Government of Andhra Pradesh.  Is it not a shock?  Why the awareness is lacking? 
      l) Crores of ruppes are allotted in the form Budget Allotment for all governmental schemes including the Department of Education.  80% of such founds appear to have been spent only on ads rather than in the process of implementing the the targeted item of welfare boasted off in papers and through electronic media.
      m)  In fact I had submitted an application to UGC through their feed back columns asking them to clarify whether I can conduct distance courses of shorter duration ie., with 3 months and 6 months in management education.  I did not get any response from them.  Neither the rule framers nor the Implementors nor the Auditing Bodies nor the Accrediting Agencies are in the know of the subject in thoroughness. 
      This is the fate of the Country this day.
      I shall be highly obliged, if your good self could kindly circulated this letter through your columns to all the members calling for their personal concerted openions for facilitting me file a Public Interest Litigation against these Accreditation Bodies and also makaing the Education Minister ( Ministry of HRD) also a party.
      I request your good selves as well as the readers of this message to kindly visit my website www.skillsandcareers.in and get back to me on the subject.  I have got a lot of public issues like this meant for sharing primarily and there after taking up such issues with the authorities concerned by failing Public Interest Litigations.
      Thanking your good selves
      Yours Sincerely
      for Global Institution For Skils & Careers
      formerly Pre & Post Employment Counseling, Research & Training Services
      T.H. Sree Rama
      Project Founder & Managing Trustee

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