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Introduction to "Engineers for Social Impact"

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  • thiagarajan.arunachalam
    Introduction to Engineers for Social Impact Posted by: karmayog - tanya info@karmayog.org Wed Jun 30, 2010 1:53 am (PDT) Engineers for Social Impact is a
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      Introduction to "Engineers for Social Impact"
      Posted by: "karmayog - tanya" info@...
      Wed Jun 30, 2010 1:53 am (PDT)

      'Engineers for Social Impact' is a unique fellowship program that connects top engineering talent to credible social enterprises driving market-based solutions to development in India. It serves a dual need: matching talented students with worthy social enterprises and increasing awareness of for-profit approaches to development.

      We promise you that the Engineers for Social Impact Fellowship will offer:

      a.. Highly Entrepreneurial Experience
      a.. Do you find your Engineering Degree too restrictive? Are you bored by the usual abstract technology internships? Do something truly different this summer. Do you want to intern at a place that combines the best of consulting, technology, and social innovation?
      b.. Finally, here's a REAL internship where YOU drive the impact.
      b.. Unprecedented Access
      a.. Build your network and telescope your learning curve by working with leading social entrepreneurs like Harish Hande (SELCO), attending workshops with subject experts from Acumen Fund and Ashoka, and pitching your ideas to thought leaders like Gurcharan Das. Speak with the people whose voices really matter.
      c.. Unparalleled Cohort Benefits
      a.. The E4SI fellowship offers you unparalleled benefits and promises to propel you into the league of pros.
      b.. Develop a personal network of exceptional people. Begin to build a personal reputation.
      d.. Get support for new social for-profit ventures that stem out of your immersion experiences.
      e.. Join an outstanding cohort of young leaders.
      In addition, as we scale we hope to:

      a.. Share E4SI resources with social enterprises
      b.. Drive awareness through intra-college activities of E4SI clubs on partner university campuses of a for-profit approach to development
      E4SI Fellowship Commitment

      E4SI Fellows commit to completing the immersion experience they have been selected for at our partner enterprise, and are required to participate in a leadership workshop organized towards the end of their assignment. As alumni of the fellowship program, individuals will join an outstanding cohort of young leaders committed to helping each other drive for-profit models in development and to offering their time and network to grow the Engineers for Social Impact program.

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