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Appeal for children books

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  • thiagarajan.arunachalam
    Appeal for children books Posted by: Lhungdim, T tlhungdim@rbi.org.in Mon Apr 13, 2009 3:35 am (PDT) [If you have books to offer in any part of India, please
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      Appeal for children books
      Posted by: "Lhungdim, T" tlhungdim@...
      Mon Apr 13, 2009 3:35 am (PDT)

      [If you have books to offer in any part of India, please fill the Materials Offered form in www.karmayog. org ]

      Dear Friends,

      For a brief introduction, I am Mr. T.LHUNGDIM, from the North East India, from a village called M.Songgel, in a small town of Churachandpur, Manipur.

      We, at our village, have recently started an endeavour to help improve the education of the children in the economically backward / poverty ridden village. Our basic objective is to give a value education to the children in the village through exposure to educative books at a mouldable and tender age - through a combined effort so that many can get what they will not be able to afford individually. For this we have set up a platform to work towards this and named for now as - "M.SONGGEL EDUCATION BOARD" . Though the name has the word BOARD in it, it is basically an endeavour of the village.

      To achieve our objective, we took the following steps:

      1. A committee is formed - both within the residents and the non residents of the village.

      2. We select / appoint one person whom we call the moderator - to look after the affairs/functioning on an on-going basis.

      3. We set up a Library for the youngsters in the village to study/ read the books

      4. We propose to impart coaching classes to the students at Std-V for entrance exam like NOVODAYA, so that they get into Government aided residential schools .

      I am one of the responsible persons of the endeavour.

      Hence, it is my appeal to all of you there at Karmayog, if you can kindly spare some educative books for students preferable upto Class VI . You may either contact me for any further clarification. I request you to kindly help us.

      Any suggestions to improve the endeavour and any guidance for the same is welcome.

      Waiting for your response.


      T. Lhungdim
      Contact No. 9833527055
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