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Details of Release function of "Human in Khaki " Book launch anothe book by IIT D --kumaon hostel Batchmate -a la Chetan Bhagat !!

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  • Sanjay.Gadhalay
    Hey Guys anyone keen on reviewing this book for the local audiences can get in touch with me Ashok Kumar is the author is my btchmate from iitd 86 mech as
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2010
      Hey Guys  
      anyone keen on reviewing this book for the local audiences can get in touch with me  
      Ashok Kumar is the author is my btchmate from iitd  86 mech  as well as hostel mate  ...

      Dear Sirs, friends, colleagues,
      Few details of release function please. Pl forward to your friends also.

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       ‘Human in Khaki’ receives accolades
      New Delhi, 22nd January' 2010

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      The jam packed Seminar Hall of IIT, Delhi witnessed the release of ‘Human in Khaki’, a compilation of true stories form the life of IITian turned cop Ashok Kumar. Co-authored by Lokesh Ohri, a Cultural activist, the book generated tremendous interest among the aspiring civil servants, as well as the serving officers and the common man.

      The chief guest at this well-attended release function was former super-cop Kiran Bedi, who is well known for no-nonsense style of functioning. She commended the work of the authors in bringing out the essence of people oriented and passionate policing and termed the book as document of ‘enduring value’ forthe citizen and the officials alike. She was all praise for the simplicity of expression and lucidity of content. “Once you pick up the book, you cannot put it down. This book surely deserves to be made into a film or TV serials and will be a counter-point to the negative feelings against the cops in our society. This book serves as a beacon for both the police officer and the layman how sensitised, humane approach can work wonders in effective policing.”

      The evening was organized by the IIT Delhi Alumni Association, whose president Ravi Kapoor and Secy Shashi Munjal  expressed pride and pleasure in the launch of the book. Also present on the occasion was Mr. P.M. Nair, author of the well known book ‘Human Trafficking’ and a senior officer with the CRPF. “Such books”, he said, “bring out the social problems more effectively and ensure that the people expect greater efficiency and effectiveness from the police.”

      The author, Ashok Kumar, narrated his experiences and talked about the thought process behind his decision to pen his memoirs in the form of short stories. The audience listened spell bound as he spoke of how he realized the widening gap between the haves and the have-nots in India as he grew up. His passionate description of the book struck a chord with the large number of IITians gathered at the function. “I strongly feel that there is not much wrong with the system, it is us, the so called public servants who have failed it”.

      Co-author Lokesh Ohri narrated his experiences during his association with the project and he said that the book shows how the police can come to the aid of the individual who has no money or muscle power. No wonder, all copies of the book were sold out. Its Hindi edition ‘khaki me Inshan’ was also much in demand.

      The Function was presided over by Mr. R.K Bhatia DG- Civil Defense and National Disaster Relief Force who was all praise for the book and the humanitarian and victim centered approach it shows to do things instead of the much criticized bureaucratic ways of not doing things.

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      Sanjay Gadhalay

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