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Sai Akshit makes the “Penultimate Gift” for the New Year

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  • thiagarajan.arunachalam
    Please read about our today s organ donor, a 14 year old, Sai Akshit, who has given a new lease of life to 7 people. Sai Akshit makes the Penultimate Gift
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      Please read about our today's organ donor, a 14 year old, Sai Akshit, who has given a new lease of life to 7 people.

      Sai Akshit makes the "Penultimate Gift" for the New Year

      All of us make New Year Resolutions. But, nothing in this world can ever match the resolution made by Mr. Ravindra Babu, a simple, but path breaking one.

      On the morning of 28th December, Ravindra Babu's 14 year old son, Sai Akshit , along with his uncle were travelling on their two wheeler near Kukkatpally area, when a lorry hit them. This resulted in severe head injury for both of them. As Sai was the pillion, naturally, the impact of injury was much more severe, which resulted in extensive bleeding from his head, and was rushed to the hospital immediately. Sadly, Sai succumbed to injuries and was declared "Brain Dead" on 29th. Ravindra Babu (fondly called as "Ravi" by his friends and colleagues) was in deep shock that he was going through denial, shock and totally dazed. His friends and colleagues did everything to bring him out of shock, but in vain. Finally, Murthy, who is his long time friend and colleague mustered courage, and decided to break the ice. His memories went back to June 2002, when his then colleague, Mr. Srinivasan's wife, Alamelu, met with a similar accident and was declared "Brain Dead". He remembered how Mr. Srinivasan was motivated by Mrs. Lalitha Raghuram of MOHAN Foundation, to donate her organs. All that Mr. Murthy said to Ravi was that Mr. Srinivasan had donated her two kidneys and eyes, through which four people are able to enjoy quality life till today. Murthy narrated the story of Mr. & Mrs. Raghuram of MOHAN Foundation, who had lost their son following a car accident, and how they donated his organs. That was enough to ignite Ravi's ever helpful and determined mind. Within ten minutes, he requested Murthy to get MOHAN Foundation's telephone numbers. Murthy swung into action and called Mr. Raghuram of MOHAN Foundation.

      On 30th, Ravi spoke to Mr. Raghuram at length and said that he will give his consent after consulting his wife, Lakshmi. He promptly called back and said that his wife has consented, and that they have decided to donate Sai's organs. MOHAN Foundation representatives, despite "Hyderabad Bandh" coordinated with police, forensic and all the hospitals immediately and had Sai's kidneys, liver, heart valves and eyes retrieved.

      Murthy fondly remembers Sai Akshit as a shrewd and hyperactive kid. "I have seen him right from his birth", and unfortunately, I am seeing his death", he said with tears in his eyes. Ravi, with his face filled with sorrow, says, "Sai will not only remain in our memories, but will live in seven people. I am glad we took the right decision".
      What a unique gift for the New Year? May God bless Ravi, Lakshmi and his entire family the courage to bear this irreparable loss of a bright boy.

      MOHAN Foundation
      040 66369 369/93924 56355
      31st December 2009

      Wish you and your family a very happy New Year.


      Lalitha Raghuram
      Executive Director
      MOHAN Foundation
      #6-3-634, Flat B-1/A, Second Floor
      Green Channel, Khairatabad
      Hyderabad 500 004.
      Ph : 040 66 369 369.
      Mobile : 98490 28795
      Email : lraghuram2002@...
      Website : www.mohanfoundation.org
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