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‘Go vegan’ to beat diabetes health & lifestyle

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  • thiagarajan.arunachalam
    http://www.hindu.com/2009/12/08/stories/2009120858270200.htm HYDERABAD: `Go vegan seems to be the new mantra to win the fight against diabetes. Simple dietary
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      HYDERABAD: `Go vegan' seems to be the new mantra to win the fight against diabetes.

      Simple dietary approach, by opting to go `vegan', will solve a lot of complications arising from diabetes, which is fast becoming the leading cause for heart disease, kidney problems, vision loss and damage of the nerves.

      In a presentation on `Averting Diabetes through Nutrition' here, noted advocate on health and nutrition from United States, Dr. Neal D. Bernard highlighted the virtues of following simple dietary approach to beat diabetes and in the process lose weight. If a low-fat vegan diet is meticulously followed with no animal products for 14 weeks, then even physical exercise is not required to lose weight, he said.

      "Our studies have shown that a person on vegan diet can lose up to 5.8 kg in 14 weeks. At any cost, fat and vegetable oils should be avoided. One should strive to achieve a balance between fruits, vegetables, grains, and pulses going high on fibre," Dr. Bernard said.

      Diet Tips

      * Avoid meat, poultry, pork, fish, dairy products and eggs
      * Avoid high Glycemic Index food like watermelon, pineapple, white or wheat bread, baking potatoes and sugar
      * Take rye, oatmeal, bran cereals, fruits, pasta, rice, barley, beans, peas, lentils and most vegetables
      * Avoid oily toppings, foods fried in oil, limit olives, nuts, peanuts and butter
      * Go high on fibre by choosing beans, vegetables, fruits and whole grains
      * Read labels carefully and choose foods with about two to three grams of fat per serving

      A vegan diet has no animal products like meant, poultry dairy products, and eggs. "Animal products contain saturated fats which are linked to heart disease, insulin resistance and certain forms of cancer," he explained.

      Dr. Bernard is launching a 21-day vegan diet trial from January 1, 2010. "All one has to do is visit www.pcrm.org and register. We will guide you in maintaining a proper vegan diet for 21 days. Our studies have shown that in three weeks, there is a drastic fall in weight. Sugar levels are under control," he said.
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