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Look where the hundi made an entry

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  • Thiagarajan Arunachalam
    http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-national/tp-andhrapradesh/look-where-the-hundi-made-an-entry/article6229612.ece A gleaming steel *hundi* installed on
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 19, 2014

      A gleaming steel hundi installed on the premises of the Andhra Pradesh Secretariat with ‘Andhra Pradesh Government Capital Development Fund’ inscribed on it was the cynosure of all eyes on Saturday.

      Initially, no one had a clue as to whose decision it was to install the hundi – set up at the entrance of the ‘L’ block – when employees had already donated money equivalent to two days’ basic pay towards a fund for the construction of the new capital. Some had even parted with their gold ornaments. Finally, it turned out that it was the Finance Department’s decision to place two sealed hundi s – one at the Lake View Guest House and the other at the Secretariat – as visitors calling on the Chief Minister were leaving cash and valuables towards the capital fund at his office. Keeping track of such donations was becoming cumbersome and the issue was brought to the notice of Finance Department officials by the Chief Minister’s Principal Secretary.

      That is when the department directed the Endowments Department to install two hundi s so that those visiting the Chief Minister could drop their donations in the container to ensure safe custody of valuables and cash, and to prevent any one from tampering with the contributions, sources said. The Secretariat Employees’ Association welcomed the arrangement as it would be convenient for visitors to deposit their contributions. Some suggested that taking a cue from the employees, who were among the first to announce their contribution for the capital fund, people’s representatives too should think of donating their monthly emoluments for the cash-strapped State.

    • jeevananda reddy
      Namaskar, This is a well planned game to divert the attention of people of AP, that AP has no money so don t think otherwise if we don t view the loans as
      Message 2 of 3 , Jul 20, 2014

        This is a well planned game to divert the attention of people of AP, that AP has no money so don't think otherwise if we don't view the loans as promised to the tune of around one lakh crores.   When they knew the funds status to the knew state why they promised and why they submitted the same to election commission, why election commission allowed such promises which are meant to be bribes -- when somebody pay one thousand rupees per vote it is violation of election code and at the same time when political parties are promising to pay [viewer] more than a lakh to voter, is it not violation of election code???  If the party get power and unable to fulfill the promise, will the election commission take action on such political parties!!!

        Now, even though central government has appointed a committee to identify the capital, the chief Minister and his party leaders are openly telling it will be between Vijayawada and Guntur and doing brisk real estate business by ruling party -- this may fetch them few lakh crores, can't they use that money [by at least 50% of the profits -- may be all goes as illegal money]  or ask the TDP ministers and MLAs who own lakhs of crores worth assets to share 50% of it -- like that IT once in a while ask the defaulters to declare to avoid penalties.

        Yesterday both Naiudu's skratched the backs of each other in Nellore. They both minted crores with Shamshabad Airport/ORR/High Tech. Now they want together to share the spoils from coastal corridor by cancelling earlier projects and gifting them to their friends.

        It is shameful to put the Hundis at Secretariat and at camp office. We hope the chief minister will not repeat the same on other issues.

        Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

      • Mvs Rao
        Dear Sir, I really appreciate the innovative new idea to involve people of the state to the giant task of building a new capital city of Andhra Pradesh. When
        Message 3 of 3 , Jul 21, 2014
          Dear Sir,
           I really appreciate the innovative new idea to involve people of the state to the giant task of building a new capital city of Andhra Pradesh. When originally mooted by ABN TV (Andhra Jyothi) to collect money from public in a specially created bank A/c. Involving people to help our own city was really great and patriotic idea. Many NRIs as well as citizens of Ahdhra responded well. Creating Hundi is more practical way to reach even a common man. I wish the Hundi scheme a great success. I hope they will install in all important places all over Seema Andhra region. I appreciate Sri Chandra Babu Naidu for this novel way to collect to build our own Rajadhani. Who ever contributes, sure to get a feeling of happiness that he is also had a role in the form of a a small contribution in building our great future capital city. A small squirrel contributed his little effort to help Lord Srirama to construct a bridge to invade Srilanka, as per our Ramayana. This minor incident is quoted as a strength of contribution, that even a small fragment of contribution helps in making any mighty total effort.

          (A senior citizen)
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