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Fwd: [karmayog] Why Bala joined AAP?

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      Date: 11.3.14

      Why Bala joined AAP?


      Bangalore: Former CFO and board member of Infosys, was announced as Aam Aadmi Party’s candidate for the Bangalore Central seat.

      The 48-year-old executive, popularly called Bala, was commonly thought to be a front-runner to succeed Infosys’s CEO S D Shibulal; with the handover expected in 2015. His abrupt departure last December was a surprise.

      Joining AAP within days of leaving Infosys, he described Kejriwal’s political outfit as “the most successful startup ever by an IIT-ian.”

       Asked why he chose AAP, the Madras university graduate told TOI: “You need to do unconventional things to make an impact when legacy systems are overbearing,” adding, “If you look at the political system today, the elections are fought based on money, muscle and caste power. Corruption is the biggest issue in this country. AAP is a new idea, which is campaigning for a clean and open political system.”

      He isn’tbothered “about winning or losing”. “At the end of the day, AAP is making a statement-there is a new way of doing politics in the country. Honest people can come and fight elections not with money power or muscle power,” he says.

       Bala is helping formulate AAP’s economic policy. So what’s the economic vision of the man who won umpteen Best-CFO awards? “The country requires a minimum of 10 lakh jobs a month, that means we have to create 1.2 crore jobs a year. It will happen only if the country grows at 8-10%. So we need to create an environment and eco-system which will target a high degree of growth and employment... The tax to GDP ratio is 11.5%. We have to see how we can take it up to may be 17-18%... you have to create an ecosystem where honest people can do business and flourish. The government should be less and less in business. You should simplify rules and have effective monitoring mechanism and make sure the defaulters are punished.”


      Education | Bachelor’s degree from University of Madras

      Career | Joined Infosys in 1991 in the finance department; appointed CFO in 2006; appointed to Board in 2011

      Politics | Joined AAP soon after quitting Infosys in December last year; helping to formulate AAP’s economic policy

      Family | Wife Chitra; two daughters – Shweta and Sneha



      Balakrishnan with his wife and two daughters at Infosys’s training facility in Mysore


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