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  • Thiagarajan Arunachalam
    From: *Varun Arya* Dear Friends & Well-wishers For the greatest part of the last two millennia, our sub-continent was the world s leading
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 12, 2014
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      From: Varun Arya <aryav@...>

      Dear Friends & Well-wishers

      For the greatest part of the last two millennia, our sub-continent was the world’s leading economic and spiritual power, respected and visited by people from all over the world for education, trade and quality of life. It was then invaded and occupied by the external forces over several hundred years and in the process, it became increasingly poor and undeveloped.
      During the last around 67 years since India became Independent, its global stature has been further undermined by successive governments, because of increasing corruption and lack of effective and visionary governance. Consequently the citizens of India are fed up with these political parties and have been vigorously looking for a way out.
      While a new political party came into existence over a year back and became prominent after Delhi Assembly elections held last year, its performance is increasingly seen as being far from the promise and its approach not sustainable. Hence there is crying need for an entity that is founded on strong principles of long-term good governance.

      In this context, on 02 & 03 March 2013 we had a highly successful Nation-Building Meet organised at India International Centre, New Delhi. It was attended by around 200 well-meaning leading citizens of our country including those who are or have been in leadership positions in the government, judiciary, armed forces, bureaucracy, voluntary sector, media, corporate sector and education from all over India and abroad. Prominent amongst those who attended were Mr. Justice Rajinder Sachar (Former Chief Justice of Delhi High Court), Mr. Justice D. S. Tewatia (Former Chief Justice of Kolkata High Court and Punjab & Haryana High Court), Mr. Ram Jethmalani, Mr. T. N. Chaturvedi (Former Governor of Karnataka), Mr. O. P. Sharma (Former Governor of Nagaland), Mr. T. S. Krishna Murthy (Former Chief Election Commissioner of India), Mr. K. Natwar Singh (Former Union Minister for External Affairs), Prof. Bhim Singh (Chairman, Jammu & Kashmir National Panthers Party), Ms. Shailaja Chandra (Former Chief Secretary of Delhi), Mr. Kuldip Nayar (Veteran Journalist), Lt. Gen. Raj Kadyan, Maulana Kalbe Rushaid Rizvi (Muslim Leader), Mr. J. P. Batra (Former Chairman, Railway Board), Prof. J. S. Rajput (Former Director, NCERT & Former Chairman, NCTE), Prof. Deepak Pental (Former Vice Chancellor, University of Delhi), Swami Om Poorna Swatantra, Swami Ramdev, Padma Bhushan Prof. B. M. Hegde, Mr. Basant Raj Bhandari (Former Principal Adviser, International Trade Centre, UNCTAD/WTO, Geneva and presently Chancellor of Jain Vishva Bharti University), Mr. Sidhraj Bhandari (Former Chancellor, Jain Vishva Bharati, Rajasthan), Mr. Anil Bokil (Chairman, Artha Kranti), Dr. P. S. Rana (Former Chairman, HUDCO) and Mr. P. Changal Reddy (Farmers’ Activist, Hyderabad).

      To take the above further towards a quantum leap, from the perspective of chalking out an action-plan, we are now having a conclusive Nation-Building Meet in Multipurpose Hall at India International Centre, New Delhi on 05 & 06 April 2014. We plan to have around 200 persons attending this event from all over India and abroad, with passion to think and contribute something significant and constructive for India of our dreams.

      In Nation-Building Meet-II, we would aim to hear from the participants and collectively brainstorm to arrive at a roadmap to create a suitable Pan-India organisation and its action-plan. This organisation's work during the next five years should provide us suitable candidates, brand equity through good word of mouth and people ready to support us during the next general elections in 2019. Somewhere half-way through the next five years, we would announce a political party, which would make a transition from grassroots work to institutionalized governance after 2019 general elections and in the process, provide a much needed sustainable visionary political alternative to India.

      To begin with, this organisation will work on Pan-India basis for grassroots work in the following three areas :

      1. Hand-holding against corruption : At least 80% of people do not like to pay the bribe to get their work done in case they are able to get some support for advising and guiding them for facilitating their work. Our organisation will provide this support to them.

      2. Education for empowerment : A large part of our country's rural population and disadvantaged sections continue to be exploited and undermined by and through the vested interests in the government, specially in the police and administrative wings. Our organisation will empower the rural population and disadvantaged sections through education in the relevant areas such as their rights, under what circumstances they can be arrested, how to get the ration-cards, driving license, BPL cards, etc. made, how to avail the various government schemes, etc.

      3. Tathastu : This is meant exclusively for the disadvantaged and downtrodden sections of our country. Our organisation will facilitate and help them to get their work done in all areas, such that with passage of time they would need less and less of our help to get the work done and ultimately they would do their work themselves.

      Slowly and progressively, the scope of work of this organisation would be enlarged to include other areas of strategic importance for the future of this country.

      We would like to welcome all those of you and your friends (kindly do forward this mail to them) to the Nation-Building Meet-II who are passionate about our country and willing to begin as one-man/woman army for this noble cause relating to our nation. To ensure that we have only serious participants and also to partly meet the expenses of this event, there will be token contribution of minimum Rs. 1100 per person. We would be closing the participation as soon as we have 150 participants, since we plan to have around 50 distinguished persons as special invitees.

      A background introductory note is attached.

      Thanks and best regards

      Varun Arya
      Convener, Nation-Building Meet-II
      Formerly President, IIT Delhi Alumni Association &
      Secretary, IIM Ahmedabad Alumni Association
      Mobile : 0-94141-36500, 0-96940-36500
      Fax    : 0291-2707700
      E-mail : aryav@..., director@...

      Care of Mr. Justice D. S. Tewatia, A-27/15, DLF Qutab Enclave Phase – I,
      Behind Hotel Bristol, Gurgaon 122 001, Haryana, India

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