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      Date: Wednesday, November 13, 2013
      Subject: [karmayog] CSR (2012-13) by NATCO Pharma Ltd.
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      CSR by NATCO Pharma Ltd.

      Sales: Rs 680 Cr

      Profit before Tax: Rs 102 Cr

      Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
      Source: NATCO Pharma Ltd. Annual Report (2012-13), Pg No: 36-48

      URL: natcopharma.co.in/images/pdf/2012_2013_reports.pdf

      Corporate Social Responsibility


      About Natco Trust

      NATCO TRUST is the corporate social responsibility division of NATCO Pharma Ltd, and it is based in Hyderabad. The

      core areas of the Trust are Health, Hygiene, Sanitation, Water, Education, Livelihoods, Institutional and Need Based

      Community Infrastructure support. It operates in the vicinity of wherever it has a business presence. Since its inception in

      1995, the Trust has been evolving and constantly revisiting its role in society.

      Our Corporate Social Responsibility Statement and Principles define our approach towards the society- the most important

      stakeholder in the development of the organization. We at NATCO endeavor to make a positive contribution to the

      underprivileged by supporting a wide range of socio-economic programs including education, health, sanitation, hygiene,

      livelihood and other community based initiatives. Many of these community projects and programs are driven by active

      participation of different stakeholders like the promoters, the employees, the suppliers, the government etc

      Currently Natco Trust operates in 4 districts namely, Mahaboobnagar, Nalagonda, Guntur and Hyderabad in the state of

      Andhra Pradesh. It aims to reach the unreached community in the areas of education, health, water, sanitation, livelihoods

      and community based infrastructure support.

      THE CORE AREAS OF INTERVENTION are as follows:-

      1) Health

      2) Education

      3) Livelihood

      4) Water and Sanitation

      5) Environment

      1. Health

      Natco Trust is committed to enhance the health and well being of the targeted communities. It attempts to improve the

      health seeking behavior of the communities regarding nutritious food, mother and child health, communicable diseases,

      preventive mechanisms through community based health services and health educations

      Natco Mobile Health Clinic:

      Objective: -"Health Services at the door steps of the community"

      Natco mobile health clinics (NMHC) are a boon for the community (as apparent by the community). It serves more than

      8000 households with a population of more than 50000 in 29 villages at Mahaboobnagar and Nalagonda districts on a

      rotation basis with a weekly schedule. It has all the basic equipments and free medicines provided apart from the health

      services health education also provided to the community.

      NMHC provides Primary health care for the community. The main part of this is

      to examine the patients and treat them accordingly. The patients who cannot be

      treated at NMHC and who needs high end care are referred to higher centers at

      Nalagonda and Hyderabad. NMHC team visits home and treats terminally ill

      patients and others who cannot come to NMHC because of serious disease or

      very old age.

      NUTRITION CENTER VISIT: As part of the NMHC services antenatal and postnatal care is provided to the pregnant and

      lactating mothers respectively. They were treated of the basic ailments like anemia…etc and are referred for higher centres

      for ultrasound scan, blood investigations and when abnormalities like high blood pressure, abnormal presentation of foetus,

      bleeding p/v…etc are detected.

      NMHC team works with the government ANM (auxiliary nurse midwife) and makes sure that all the antenatal mothers are

      immunized with 2 doses of TT. Pregnant mothers are advised about the diet, immunization, family planning, breast feeding

      etc. All pregnant mothers are motivated to go for institutional delivery.

      HEALTH AWARENESS: to prevent seasonal and communicable diseases like Typhoid, Malaria, Dengue and HIV-AIDS,

      etc, People are advised to boil and filter water before drinking. They were advised to take personal protective measures

      like using mosquito nets to prevent from the disease spreading mosquitoes biting them. Awareness provided on tobacco

      consumption, safe sex and regular health check up for the pregnant mothers, personal and community hygiene. Awareness

      provided on cleanliness of surroundings, family planning, institutional deliveries, breast feeding and immunization.

      SCHOOL HEALTH: School children are examined and treated for minor ailments.

      They were given Albendazole tablets to treat worm infestation. Children are made

      aware about the personal hygiene and causation of diseases. They are educated

      about having bath daily, cutting nails, washing hands with soap before eating and

      after going for toilet etc,. They were told not to insert slate pencils, pencils, match

      sticks… etc into their ears...

      Natco Mobile Health Clinic - Nalagonda district: The NMHC at Nagarjuna Sagar extends health services to 17 villages,

      1 backward community government hostel and employees of Natco Pharma Limited. 27,097 beneficiaries got benefit for

      the year 2012-13. The month wise beneficiaries' details of NMHC are as follows…


      Natco Mobile Health Clinic - Mahaboobnagar district - The NMHC at Kothur

      mandal extends health services to 10 villages, government schools and Natco

      High School. 15,482 beneficiaries got the benefit for the year 2012-13. The

      month wise beneficiaries' details of NMHC are as follows…


      Nutrition centers

      Locations: - Nalagonda, Mahaboobnagar and Hyderabad districts of Andhra Pradesh

      Objective: - Prevention of disability and malnutrition, healthy motherhood with healthy baby and institutional delivery.

      2. New nutrition centres initiated at Salvendrigudam and Sanghiguda villages of Kothur mandal for the year


      The Nutrition centre catered 384 mothers; out of which 55 are pregnant and 83 are lactating mothers in 9 village's

      i.e, Mekaguda, Sanghiguda, Salvendrigudam, Yerracheruvu thanda,

      Nayakuni thanda, Thimmaiah palyam, Chinthalapalyam, Thangalli

      thanda and Peddamunigala of Mahaboobnagar and Nalagonda

      districts and one centre at Hyderabad. Out of 384 beneficiaries 248

      were completed one year (the trust supports a beneficiary for a period

      of one year that is from conception (3rd month) to 6 month after

      delivery). Total deliveries are 126 and out of which 96 are institutional

      deliveries and 30 are home deliveries supervised by trained local dhai (nurse). 19 mothers underwent for family


      According to NIN (National Institute for Nutrition, Hyderabad) that the Indian women have the deficiency of 430

      calories, to fill this gap the centre provides nutritional supplementary food

      (430 calories) consisting of egg, milk, dates, chikki, biscuits, (annexed the weekly menu) for a period of 1 year.

      All the mothers have to undergo the diagnosis and accordingly provided the health services. Apart from the nutrition food

      the health education on breast-feeding, personal hygiene, institutional deliveries, family planning etc., also had been

      provided as part of the NMHC services.


      Objective: - To inculcate and encourage the scientific temperament among the students

      Natco organized the Indian National Brain Bee quiz on neurosciences in association with NIMS Hyderabad. 14 students

      from 14 centres took part in the National quiz competition held at Centre for Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences (CBCS)

      Allahabad. The winner of the Indian National Brain Bee championship- 2013 will be invited to participate in the International

      Brain Bee finals to be held along with 21st World Congress of Neurology on 3rd week of September, 2013, in Vienna,


      Patient Counselor support to government hospitals at Hyderabad

      - 2 Counselors in Osmania Hospital, 4 in MNJ Cancer Hospital and 2 at Niloufer hospital

      - Objective: To help poor, illiterate patients get proper access to the available

      healthcare services.

      The Natco trust has positioned 8 counselors in different government

      hospitals at Hyderabad to support and facilitate the patients coming from

      different parts of the state and neighboring state. They act as link between

      the service provider and service seeker. The following table provides

      information on the services extended by the patient counselors in the

      hospitals Education:

      We are committed to create enabling environment for children through education initiatives, emphasis laid on access,

      equity and quality of education by extending the need based support on appropriate infrastructure, skilled teachers, innovative

      teaching methodology and curriculum, access to basic teaching learning materials for improving the learning competence

      of the children, in addition to this adapted innovative methods to make learning more interactive and participatory.

      Objective: To strengthen the government schools in terms of infrastructure, libraries, science labs etc. in order to retain all

      the eligible school going children in the school and impart qualitative education.

      Natco School of Learning - Gollamudipadu Village, Ponnur Mandal, Guntur District.

      Natco Trust has initiated the setting up of Natco School of Learning (an English Medium School), at Gollamudipadu

      village, Ponnur Mandal of Guntur District during the financial year, 2011-12, with

      an objective of providing good education to the local community and to many of

      the surrounding village children.

      This School has been set up with well-established infrastructural facilities with

      gardening and landscaping, well-trained teaching staff, x-seed idiscoveri

      methodology and activity based learning. It is also facilitated with good transport system and well-equipped library Computer

      Lab and Science lab etc.

      Though the school started with strength of 156 students for the year 2011-12, it has increased to 264 students for the year

      2012-13 academic years. The school got recognized by the state

      government of Andhra Pradesh and affiliated to central board of secondary

      education, New Delhi. Free education extended to 32% of the students

      and subsidized education provided to 6% of the students for the academic


      Most of the children at NSL are from Telugu Medium background, with minimum parental support with regard to their

      academics. But, on observing over a period of two years, we could find that there is remarkable development in their

      creativity, thinking, interpretational and illustrative skills, helping them grow independent at each level, which are encouraged

      through various activities and tasks assigned from time to time in different subjects. Children of Grade 4 to 8 can confidently


      interview an individual while a grade 1 or 2 student may be able to relate

      his learning on Additions, or Sizes to the environment and respond to a

      project work like accounting for the different books in their bag, or types of

      furniture in different classes as well.

      Yet, there is consistent and continuing effort to enhance their thinking,

      reading and writing skills further by our teachers through the curriculum

      and activities planned from time to time ensuring that they can always,

      "THINK OUT OF THE BOX " through their learning process,,.

      Academic activities - The X-Seed curriculum was implemented in order to

      provide quality education to the students of Natco School of Learning. In order to check students understanding levels

      Learnometer tests were conducted. In order to induce pupils into 'Learning by doing' various project works were entrusted

      to them based on reasoning, application, analysis and comprehension. First hand experience / direct experience to students

      was given through field trips.

      Natco High School, Rangapur, Kothur Mandal, Mahaboobnagar district

      Natco High School was established in the year 1995 under the Natco Trust, to facilitate education in the surrounding

      villages and also to the employee children of Natco Pharma Ltd. Though

      the school started with strength of 77 students, 10 rooms and 10 staff

      members in 1995 by 2012-13 it has increased to 1346 students, The

      objective behind establishing the school remained to impart quality

      education with free and subsidized fees.

      The implementation of activity based and hands on learning has brought

      a broad outlook for the students and increased their thinking skills and

      interpretation skills. Unlike every year we have seen a tremendous

      improvement in the way students interpret what they are learning, the

      way they express their

      feelings and opinions. Teachers were continuously supported with different

      training programmes to meet the demand of the class room. The academic

      achievements include 100% result in grade X board exams as well as

      99% results in internal exams from LKG to Gr. IX. External exams were

      also introduced and students from gr 4 to 9 have bagged gold, silver and

      bronze medals in international math and science Olympiads To improve the co-curricular and the extracurricular skills, students were made to participate in various competitions

      conducted in school as well as organizations like library associations of Shadnagar and Kothur. Kalabharathi Childrens Art

      Association, Chinni Chinni Asha, NICE foundation. Drawing, painting, elocution, essay writing, spell bee, fancy dress are

      the competitions conducted.

      Boys' team of Natco high school participated in the national level Tchock ball championship and bagged first place on

      behalf of Mahaboobnagar district. Girls' team bagged second place in district level Tchock ball championship. Hockey,

      volleyball and cricket sports teams are also formed and given training in school.

       In order to meet the requirement of the class rooms, management has decided to construct a new block of 9 class rooms

      and demolished the old construction and made a block of 6 class rooms with 1 multipurpose hall.

      There are many events which were celebrated in the school which included

      national festivals and other important festivals of our country. The major

      event of the year was "Natco's Prakruthi Utsav" which was a cultural show

      and nearly 900 students have participated on stage and 100 students

      have participated back stage.

      It was a learning which included planning of the event to logo designing, from understanding the theme to developing

      cultural shows related to the theme, designing of the stage to lighting and sound. Preparations of props and managing to

      arrange on the stage…….students have gained the best of the experience in their lifetime.

      Education activities at Nagarjuna Sagar, Nalagonda district

      AFTER SCHOOL TUTIONS for primary and high school students

      The objective: to inculcate the school going habit of among the children through activity based learning process amongst

      the students

      Introduction: It has been observed that dropping out of government schools, is rampant among children in the communities

      with which the Trust works. In most of the cases, children continue education till 2nd standard and drop out due to various

      reasons. This is because, in the absence of proper tutoring and coaching, children,

      who are mostly first-generation learners, find it difficult to cope with their syllabus

      and school environment.

      The Natco trust initiated the after school tuitions to 10 government schools students

      in the targeted villages at Peddavura Mandal of Nalagonda district. The emphasis has been put on inculcating activity

      based learning process in addition to the class room learning. The child has the

      freedom to explore and learn in joyful way. The teaching methodology adopted was

      Multi grade and multi level. About 270 students of the 670 enrolments in Government

      Primary schools are benefitting from this program. These students are also provided

      with Nutritious snacks regularly

      The syllabus has been progressing as per the content planned from time to time, level wise and an assessment using

      reading cards or written assessments are being held alternately in each centre. During this academic year, in Telugu apart

      from stressing on their ability to learn the basics thoroughly, stress was laid on grammar concepts, writing skills,

      comprehending skills, interpretational skills as well in a graded manner through the level wise laid down curriculum

      Various activities to enhance their speaking, reading and recitation skills are also being included in to the curriculum to make learning interesting and fun as well for the children, while it also fulfils the purpose of developing their spontaneity

      and involvement in subjects through the games and activities held.

      There has been significant improvement in the reduction of the Dropout rate at Government schools, because of "After

      School Tuitions program". While the reasons contributing to the drop outs were like, engaging children in household/farm

      works, remunerative cropping patterns affecting their regularity, non child centered system of teaching process in some

      cases, etc., The impetus through play way methods of teaching, congenial timings, parent interactions and involvement in

      the child's development, games and art activities included in syllabi, cards method of assessment, etc being provided

      through "After school tuitions" have been making notable impact on the increased rate of enrolment and attendance in the

      schools enhancing interest in learning.

       Pre -primary school - Thangalli thanda:

      The early childhood years are essential for the proper mental, physical, emotional and social development of the child. This

      lays the foundation for the child's future. Thus, it is very essential to provide children with quality pre-school education. It is

      with this objective that the Natco Trust has initiated pre primary school.

      Thangalli thanda is a rehabilitated village, consisting of 87 households belonging to Schedule tribal community. It has been

      earlier (palthi thanda) situated on the banks of Krishna River and very often inundated by the backwaters of river Krishna.

      The Trust has started a pre-primary school for the benefit of the children. The

      centre has 17 students in the age group of 3 to 5 years and they have been

      imparting activity based play way method learning. The Trust provided all teaching

      learning materials, play equipments, slates, and books; the center was taken care

      by a teacher and an ayah.

      A nutritious snack is provided daily to the children. In addition, efforts are made to

      develop the innate abilities of the children through activities like songs, games etc. The concerted efforts with this age

      group has helped in school-preparedness while also engaging parents in their ward's learning process

      During the academic year 2012-13, the school has 17 Children between the age group of 3 to 5 years getting benefit out of

      this program. They were provided with various learning experiences in Telugu, Math and Themes through different activities

      designed in thematic manner and with the implementation of Multi Grade Multi Level Methodology in teaching Telugu.

      The Learning system has been proving effective, in helping the child mould himself well with regard to his socio-emotional

      skills, by providing for inculcating good etiquette, habits and also self expression. The activity based system has been

      facilitating him to learn the concepts with a true relation to reality in life. Implementation of multi-grade-multi-level (MGML)

      methodology facilitating him ample space to learn at ease from multiple perspectives,

      the concepts in Telugu and Math, for example, once he/she learns a particular letter,

      he/she not only learns the usage and the pronunciation but also explores the

      environment to find words with that letter, similarly they learn math through

      manipulative activities and relevant story problems, games etc. . Ultimately, these

      children are able to stand out among the other entrants of Grade 1 students in

      Government schools,, in respect of their content knowledge, behavior and participation

      in the learning process.

      The involvement of the parents in the mid day meal preparation and updating of the learning levels of the child from time to

      time would slowly develop a sense of responsible attitude among the community people such that it sustains to a better

      extent in them to follow up their children's education.

      Children's Clubs: This has been motivated in Government schools, defining the purposes, forming groups and initiating

      activities in language clubs, cultural clubs, art clubs etc.

      Children's' clubs at Nayakunitanda , Yerracheruvu Tanda, Pilliguntla Tanda and at Borabanda, have been motivated and encouraged to actively participate in mobilizing the school going children, apart from

      striving to improve the cleanliness in the schools, soft board works and playing various

      activities etc. A rally was organized at Tangilla Tanda also by the BVK children to

      increase the enrollment of the smaller children in Primary schools and encourage the

      children and parents towards schooling

      Village Library Program:

      In all about 87 children are taking the benefit of the program in three villages, viz,

      Pilliguntla Tanda, Yerra Cheruvu Thanda and Jaltanda. The children are encouraged

      to read the Library books available at school, with the support of the volunteer in the

      process through the conduct of various reading programs like, Chain Reading, Pair

      Reading, Reading and sharing the summary of the content read to the peers etc and

      an improvement is seen in their reading skills, pronunciation and enactment and

      imagination abilities apart from oral comprehending skills.

      Open Tenth Program:

      7 students have appeared for the exams held in the month of April from Chintalapalem. They were the working youth

      motivated for the purpose and supported and guided in the process of learning by the Team members and also supported

      on and off by a one or two employees of the organization as well.

      Volunteer skills enhancement session:

      A session has been organized to orient the volunteers with regard to the teaching of various concepts like, Picture

      comprehension, Story Narration, Greater than-less than, Missing numbers, additions and subtractions using the grid,

      Tombola game to revise the numerals, conduct of Memory and word building games etc, involving them through the

      activities. The government school teachers and Natco Trust team members took part in the program.

      Drawing and Clay Modeling workshop was conducted in about 5 centers, namely, Jaltanda, Peddamunigal, Chintalapalem,

      Yerracheruvu tanda and Nayakuni Tanda for a week, with the cooperation of final year, Fine arts Student, Mr.Phani. They

      were taught about 15 to 20 pictures, through simple tricks of freehand drawing and they were also encouraged in clay


      Workshop by Butterfly Fields: It has been organized with their cooperation on 2nd November at Nellikal School for the

      students from Grade 4-10. About five topics were dealt in two to three slots of sessions for these classes. They have given

      29 concept maps suitable for High School and 5 kits suitable for Primary to the school authorities.

      Education activities at Hyderabad district

      Support to Natco Government High School: The School has more than 1400 students from Class I to X both in Telugu

      and English medium. The Trust extended the support of housekeeping services and night security along with all required

      sanitary materials to keep the sanitation and school premises neat and clean. It also provided snacks to the school for all

      national festivals. A special snack has been provided to the 10th class

      students during the special classes. The results of 10th class were 90%

      both in Telugu and English mediums. 95 students appeared for the 10th

      examinations, out of which 85 students cleared it successfully. The school

      stood 1st in 10th results in the district of Hyderabad and the district collector

      felicitated the entire staff of the school.

      The trust also conducted child club and summer camp activities for the

      primary school students. Around 60 students use to get benefit out of this

      activity. Uniforms also provided to the students of anganawadi and primary


      Educational support to Government schools and Anganawadi centres at Kothur, Mahaboobnagar district.

      The Trust has supported child centric school infrastructure like dual desks to 7

      government schools, 1 anganawadi centre and 1 Village library. It also supported

      mid day meal plates, drinking water glasses, cooking vessels, food grain storing

      materials and other essential materials to government schools and Anganawadi

      centres at Kothur Mandal.


      The Summer Camp at Borabanda was organized for a period of 20 days for the children between the age group of 6 to 12

      yrs. About 32 students participated in the program, a combination of various activities

      were included as part of the program. They were taught about 20 varieties of craft

      works, using handmade papers, Glass-work, best out of waste type etc and they

      were also taught the art of Candle Making. These students were also introduced to a

      set of new spot games, party games and interesting outdoor games. There were also

      activities like storytelling, Rhymes recitation to enhance their speaking and expression

      abilities. They could also have the opportunity of interacting with the Postal and Traffic

      Personnel and learn about the rules and roles of these department personnel apart from Traffic Education. This is the third

      successive year of such Summer Camp at this School which has also gained its name as one of the best Government

      Schools in Academic Performance and Infrastructural facilities running with the Support of Natco Trust, The CSR wing of

      Natco Pharma Ltd.

      A Maiden attempt has been made, introducing the same at Sanghiguda; Government School as well in this academic year,

      about 21 students took part in the program which went on for 5 days only. However, here also the daily agenda consisted

      of activities like, Craft Works, Story Telling, a few of the Indoor and Outdoor games as introduced at Borabanda.

      The day used to end up with Entertainment Programs like Antakshari or Warm up Exercises too. And all the children were

      excited to participate and learn the various activities facilitated to them.

      Activities at Guntur:-

      Support to fire accident villages: In summer two villages namely Tallapalem and Mulukuduru at Ponnur mandal got fire

      and the houses got gutted down along with their belongings. Natco extended

      timely support it is supported with cattle feed to all the 80 families and in

      Mulukuduru village and supported with school stationary to all the students

      at Tallapalem.

      Distribution of UPS units to Government welfare hostels:

      It is organized and participated in the District Collectors program for distribution of UPS units in 6 government hostels worth

      Rs.1 lakh, in and around Ponnur on the occasion of state formation day.

      Livelihoods: Skill up gradation for Wage employment, self-employment/value addition income generation for the youth

      and women

      Vocational training centers:

      During the year 2012-13, the Natco Trust has initiated vocational training centre

      at Gollamudipadu village of Ponnur Mandal, Guntur district. We have entered

      partnership with government of Andhra Pradesh for providing training to the


      The Trust has started 4 channels of vocational training centre at Hyderabad, Guntur

      and Nalagonda districts on Fashion designing, Beauty parlor, ICT (information

      communication technology) Electrical and Driving courses. 604 beneficiaries got

      trained in different courses. The Trust facilitated placement for 287 beneficiaries. Around 120 beneficiaries are self employed

      and around 50 beneficiaries were pursuing education and the information on others is not known.

      Social categorization of the beneficiaries

      Sl. No Course Name BC SC ST OC MIN Total

      1 Tailoring 124 65 25 41 39 294

      2 Beautician 33 05 - 06 52 96

      3 Computer 60 33 12 14 8 127

      4 Driving 25 11 03 04 44 87

      Total 242 114 40 65 143 604

      Social categorization and course wise placement details

      Sl.no Course Name BC SC ST OC MIN Total

      1 Tailoring 49 32 11 13 17 122

      2 Beautician 23 03 - 04 26 56

      3 Computer 26 16 03 05 03 53

      4 Driving 11 06 - 02 37 56

      Total: 109 57 14 24 83 287

      Income generation program

      Natco Trust facilitated income generation program for the tailoring beneficiaries for the tune of Rs. 2 lakhs. They have

      stitched the government school uniforms and cloth carry bags for centre

      for environment education. Most of them use to earn minimum of Rs.2500/

      - and maximum of Rs.14000/- for per month.

      Distribution of sewing machine in convergence with Rotary Club -Bhagyanagar

      Natco Trust facilitated free 50 sewing machines for the tailoring beneficiaries in convergence with Rotary club, Bhagyanagar.

      Natco vocational training centres are registered with directorate of employment and training under skill development initiative

      scheme (SDIS) scheme

      Water and Sanitation

      Objective: Providing safe drinking water within the reach of the community with permissible limits of minerals with special

      reference to floride

      During the year 2012-13 a new RO purified drinking water plant was set up at Gollamudipadu GP of Ponnur mandal in

      Guntur district.

      The Natco Trust has provided RO purified drinking water plants to 4 grama panchayats namely Haliya (4000 LPH), Peddavura

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