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Need for new retrospective law

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  • vadlapudi kesavarao
    *Laws yet to be enacted with retrospective effect!* *The new state of Telengana, when it forms will be the 29th state. The existing stateùAndhra Pradesh
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 2013

      Laws yet to be enacted with retrospective effect!

      The new state of Telengana, when it forms will be the 29th state. The existing state—Andhra Pradesh continues. It means that it continues as the owner of every property now owned by it. The new state Telengana has to start without any property. In every city of the state of Andhra Pradesh, the state of Andhra Pradesh only has to continue as the owner of all the Government properties. The new Telengana state is not a usurper state. It has to develop and evolve from scratch—emotionally, politically and economically.AS THE OWNER OF ALL THE PROPERTIES THE GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH HAS ABSOLUTE RIGHT TO CONTINUE FUNCTIONING IN ITS BUILDINGS NOT ONLY IN HYDERABAD BUT ALSO IN EVERY BUILDING WHETHER IT IS NIZAMABAD OR BODHAN AS LONG AS IT WANTS.

      If the new Telengana state on the other hand is the result of what they call the demerger, giving it the right to neck out the existing Andhra Pradesh state, then the Maratwada area of Maharashtra and kannada areas of the former Nizam also get claims for every property. Then all the 523 former princely states can claim for revival on the principle of the so called demerger. A lot of new law, that too with retrospective effect appears needed. Otherwise, not only Andhra Pradesh but the entire country will jump into a legal quagmire—an open field for property grabbers and robber barons.





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