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Aggression against India--the murder of states method

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  • vadlapudi kesavarao
    *Aggression against India as a nationùthe scam and murder of states method* *The biggest aggressors against India as a nation are the scamsters, who loot
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2013
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      Aggression against India as a nation—the scam and murder of states method

      The biggest aggressorsagainst India as a nation are the scamsters, who loot money, wealth and politicking including the murder of states—the dynamic cultural units, the petals of the great flower---the Indian nation. The constituent assembly in1949 gave the people of India a wonderful constitution, constitutional positions like the prime minister, the cabinet,president,vice president...Now they are made into doles of charity by a family. The method of getting a dole is sycophancy or the capacity to loot or murder a state. Now looting, murder of states and extortion are integrated into a single business. We have now tycoons that hurl abuses and insults against whole populations.

      The murder of Andhra Pradesh has become a solemn promise! Like those who burnt women as sati while weeping, the murder of AP is now carried out by stabbing the Telugu Thalli, by murdering one’s own conscience. Self respect and self esteem have become concepts beyond feeling and understanding.

      Can these aggressors against India as a nation dare to hold a total opinion poll even in Telengana about the murder of Andhra Pradesh? The two major political parties—the congress and the BJP have decided to wipe themselves off permanently in coastal Andhra, Rayalaseema and in a major portion of Telengana. With every political party totally neutralized, there is a huge vacuum. Mr Kiran Kumar reddy need not even bother about doing anything. What all he has to do is to start an all India—Save Andhra Pradesh party. In Andhra Pradesh, it can win at least 250 seats and all MP seats.Afterall the murder of Andhra Pradesh is the biggest scam in the making, a scam whose monetary figure if at all calculable will exceed the total of all the scams till date from 1947.The image of Sri Kiran Kumar Reddy is clean. We do not see his family members at all. There are no prince/princess.





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