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  • Thiagarajan Arunachalam
    ... From: *Raj Varadarajan* Date: Monday, September 30, 2013 Subject: [karmayog] Re: [iitmaa1964] [iitmaa1966] Grandparents Dear Dr. Ganesh, I know i am an
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      From: Raj Varadarajan
      Date: Monday, September 30, 2013
      Subject: [karmayog] Re: [iitmaa1964] [iitmaa1966] Grandparents

      Dear Dr. Ganesh,

      I know i am an optimist.You are more of an optimist than I am.
       In a country that venerates uneducated successes as the norm and quality education as something to abhor, I appreciate your utopian dream and so passing this on.


      From: Ganesh L S <lsg@...>
      To: Raj <raj_varadarajan@...>
      Sent: Monday, 30 September 2013 8:09 AM
      Subject: RE: [iitmaa1964] [iitmaa1966] Grandparents

      Dear Varadarajan sir,
      I hope you received the e-mail i'd sent to you a few days ago regarding electoral candidates to be required to pass an examination conducted by members of their respective constituencies.  This is a policy that cannot be easily sidetracked by anyone.  What we are effectively going to state is:
      a)  If anyone wishes to stand for elections in any specific constituency, then they must give sufficient evidence that they "know" (general knowledge, at the least) about that constituency and the applicable laws of the land.  This must be a non-negotiable, statutory (Constitutional) principle.

      b)  Such knowledge about a constituency and applicable laws must be publicly tested (on TV?) with the due moderation (not at all difficult).  It will involve issues dealing with local society, culture, demographics, communities, economy, trade and commerce, administration, arts and entertainment, public infrastructure (healthcare, education, roads and transport, communications, electric and alternative energy, water, waste disposal, etc.), local issues, vision and goals of the candidates, ........., and so on.

      c)  The examination (of 3 hours duration) must be "written"; even multiple choice sections are OK.  Questions and answers will be displayed on the TV screen either as direct oral responses or as responses to the multiple choice questions.  Pass mark must be a minimum of 75%; this examination must be tougher than any other known exam because we are dealing with citizens' lives and livelihoods.  The toughness of the statutory exam itself might weed out some unwanted elements.

      d)  Questions can be sent to the studio via SMS (phone numbers are traceable), or e-mail (IP addresses and machine locations are traceable), or phone-ins from mobile phones (again, traceable).

      e)  People must also get to know about their own constituencies and applicable laws, but in an informative, yet most interesting manner.  What better than a "Kaun Banega Prathinithiji" format?

      Just imagine the beneficial consequences to public interest and knowledge when TV is used for such a positive purpose.  We can work out all the necessary details to make this operationally feasible and implementable.  Yes, like with any other initiative there will be many challenges, but haven't we all already succeeded in surviving the great challenge of Indian demo(n)cracy.

      We can be sure that this move will be stoutly opposed by you know who (all the currently entrenched "prathinithis").  However, even if this suggestion does not become a reality, can we not launch a nice "Constituency General Knowledge" show on TV and help spread better knowledge about our country through TV, by using the ever so popular quiz format with all the jing bang?  Also, such an examination will help us cut out all the bullshit spewed out by these candidates in other forums, and pin them down to ground realities and realpolitik.

      I will be grateful to receive your response.  Please do share this e-mail with other friends, for i am very confident that better ideas will emerge from and through all of us.

      Best wishes,
      L. S. Ganesh.
      Professor, Department of Management Studies (DoMS),
      and Dean of Students,
      CHENNAI 600036.  I N D I A.
      +91 44 22574554 (desk)
      +91 44 22574550 (office; to leave messages)
      +91 94440 19435 (mobile)

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