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Re: Will there be water wars if Telangana is formed? by bhas_kurapati

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  • jeevananda reddy
    Namaskar, The answer is big YES -- not only water wars the development reach a stand still position with politicians minting thousands of crores through real
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      The answer is big "YES" -- not only water wars the development reach a stand still position with politicians minting thousands of crores through real estate and mining!!!!
      Andhra Jyothi daily news paper is a part and parcel of TDP. Andhra Jyothi is the mouth piece of CBI, JD [even after transfer, he is in AP to assist them secretly] against Jagan – see even today’s edition, how much venom they have poured on Jagan. Andhra Jyothi MD & Editor are from Telangana. The writer of the article Vidyasagar Rao is a member of TRS think-tank. Very recently went to Delhi to Brief CWC committee on irrigation issues after CM expressed the water wars, at the behest of another party of Telangana – part of Ajith Singh’s party, Central Minister, who is pro Telangana.
      I sent my counter on Vidhyasagar Rao’s article published in Andhra Jyothi 7-9-2013 but so far they haven’t published my counter.  Let me present some of my views on this in English.
      If we look at the second para of Vidyasagar Rao’s article, it is clear that the motive of the article was not technical but a political in nature – he says Seemandhra was a part of Madras state but he did not state Telangana was a part of Hyderabad state and instead he try to say ‘Telangana’ Hyderabad state. The fact is Hyderabad state consists of Marathi speaking zone, Kannada speaking zone and Telugu speaking zone, known as Telungu zone or Telangana. After Seemandhra a Telugu speaking zone merged with the Hyderabad state the two non-Telugu speaking zones were merged with the respective language speaking zones.  Hyderabad was a cosmopolitan city with Nawab and his 100 odd wives families, administration, industrialists and businessmen from other states.  Nawab never allowed people from Telugu speaking zone to live in Hyderabad.  Secunderabad zone was gifted to British forces as a part of a deal – Seemandhra being under British rule [Nawab gifted these zones to British for supporting him in defending his rule] they brought Seemandhra people as military support.
      Let us come to water issue – water wars:
      With the Andhra Pradesh formation Bellary zone was taken away from Rayalaseema and merged with Karnataka state and as a result Rayalaseema lost natural resources as well water. 
      I encountered Vidyasagar Rao on many TV channels discussions on water issues in the past several years and very recently on Inews on the same issue as the article. He in fact openly agreed with my observations but again he wrote his rhetoric as a political Think-Tank.
      In the article he presented clearly what was the position of Rayalaseema and Hyderabad state in utilizing Krishna water before Andhra Pradesh state was formed.  After Seemandhra was merged with Hyderabad state, Rayalaseema lost its share with Bachawat tribunal award as it took into account the projects completed and not water allocated.  If the state would have been bifurcated after 1969 revolt, the situation would have been different.  Rayalaseema would have got its share of water as expected and flourished with greenery.  That means Rayalaseema was the main loser after merger.  Rayalaseema also lost the capital to Hyderabad.
      Upto around 1980, government concentrated in building projects to utilize the allocated share of water.  After 80s though the government prepared project reports to utilize surplus water as allocated by Bachawat Tribunal by 4 Rayalaseema districts, Mahaboobnagar-Nalgonda districts, Prakasham-Nellore districts but failed to start building the projects. N. T. Rama Rao of TDP laid foundation stones for these projects and build Pothireddy Padu head regulator on Srisailem dam to take water to Chennai – Tamil Nadu paid the major cost – but did not cared on the projects on surplus water.  After dethroning him, his son-in-law N. Chandrababu Naiudu as CM laid foundation stones where his father-in-law did.   Vidyasagar Rao says even if the state is united if CM is from Telangana or from Coastal Andhra can they follow what Kiran is following? Because of these mistakes only Ryalaseema lost it share of water. People like Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy tried to build Andhra Pradesh as single entity and the same Dr. YSR followed later.  Develop all the three regions.  TDP looked at Hyderabad as real estate venture and forgot agriculture, irrigation, power sectors.
      The TDP policy has underlying conspiracy – for the last more than 25 years around an average of 260 TMC of surplus water was illegally used beyond Srisailem Dam.  Once the projects utilizing surplus water are complete, they lose this illegal use.  NTR is from Krishna district and TDP has full support from Telangana region. So, the rich areas are clandestinely utilizing the water meant for the dry areas. In fact to claim a right on the surplus water projects should be completed by 2004 – the time second tribunal will be appointed.  After Dr. YSR took over as CM, he initiated these projects under Jalayagnam that was proposed to develop all the three regions.  To achieve the goal of utilizing surplus water he proposed to increase the Pothireddypadu’s capacity and proposed interlinking of Godavari and Krishna water. 
      On Dr. YSR’s proposals north Telangana leaders abused Dr. YSR. Due to his killing, again the projects did not move as expected.  Central government appointed second tribunal headed by Brijesh Kumar.  This committee was constituted by a minister from Karnataka and thus this committee changed everything to favour Karnataka and Maharashtra.   The surplus water based projects did not get its share and thus the losers are the 8 dry districts.  Irrigation department constituted an expert committee of 17 to discuss threadbare the consequences of the tribunal’s order on sharing the Krishna water. I and Vidyasagar Rao were part of this 17. Vidhyasagar Rao openly supported the Brijesh Kumar tribunal order benefitting Karnataka and Maharashtra. The same was expressed by north Telangana TRS leaders.  Here what they meant is: they prefer Karnataka and Maharashtra benefitting over Rayalaseema, Prakasham-Nellore & Nalgonda-Mahboobnagar districts as their region won’t get Krishna water.  Brijesh Kumar tribunal raised the allocated water amount over Bachawat tribunal order of allocated water.  This rise is equivalent to surplus water allocation for the 8 districts. This water was distributed to three states.
      As the Telangana movement after 2001 was spear headed by north Telangana political leaders from TDP for not getting real estate share in Shamshabad airport and outer ring road like his other Telangana colleagues, they started mis-information campaign on Dr. YSR proposals on utilizing surplus water.  The north Telangana region won’t get Krishna water.
      On water wars:
      Vidyasagar Rao uses some cheap language to hurt Rayalaseema. That shows he is not discussing technical issues but presenting his vested interests as a politician. The same type of mischief was used in the discussion of water utilization issues.
      As per Bachawat tribunal if Andhra Pradesh would have completed the projects to utilize surplus water, the project-wise allocation of water to Rayalaseema and other dry areas of the state would have been different by Brijesh Kumar tribunal.  To avoid such an eventuality Dr. YSR initiated modalities to overcome the hurdles under Andhra Pradesh as united.  Once the state is bifurcated this will not go as planned and thus the loser is Rayalaseema. This naturally leads to major water wars.
      TRS chief KCR openly declared that they will bring water from Jurala in Mahboobnagar [the starting project on Krishna River] to Hyderabad and also he said we will built new projects on Krishna River and get national status.  Naturally this will lead to major water wars between Rayalaseema and Telangana as there are no such provisions I water allocation.  This way KCR divert the attention of the Telangana people and concentrate on amassing wealth through real estate in Hyderabad and Mining in north Telangana districts and poor people will suffer.
      With the Brijesh Kumar order, around 50% of the years the state will not get allocated water – according to Bachawat tribunal it is 25%.  If a central committee is constituted to regulate the water on the main dams, if they are corrupt as we know, what will happen? Each rainy season major water waters among the three regions.  This will create an atmosphere – no development but politicians mint thousands of crores through real estate and mining for which they wanted bifurcation of the state – realize their wish.
      Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

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