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9035Rave or rant,the vote bank feast is on!

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  • vadlapudi kesavarao
    May 11 7:19 AM
      Dears All,
      I have been favoured with a list of names of the youth that gave their lives for the cause of separate Telengana. Frankly I had second thoughts, whether I was betraying all those wonderful boys who gave up their wonderful futures. Even to that letter, rave or rant, Telengana will come etc. also I did not want to write.
      But when I saw the TV, it has become impossible to restrain myself.
      A top TDP leader, presto is today the top TRS leader!
      KTR has announced that the space at the top for the top leaders of every party is wide open. Don't bother even if you are from Guntur or Vijag.After all most present top leaders are from the Seemandhra area only.
      Many a leader who had to be bondanpettu, presto is arriving as the top TRS leader!
      The vote bank is expected to grow. For the Bayyaram agitation at least a hundred heads of the BPL youth will roll down. To various other agitations in the pipe line at least five hundred heads of the BPL youth will roll down. Imagine the size of the Vote Bank by the time of the 2014 elections. Who knows, even Chandra Babu Naidu may join the TRS at the top most level hopefully. The invitation is open to all..
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