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8613Creating a Taliban Hell for Teenagers--The Anti rape bill

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  • Yeddanapudi markandeyulu
    Mar 19, 2013
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      Dears All,
      Diabetics,people with high BP and various ailmments,most of them nearing70 years or 70 plus worked themselves up to pass the anti rape bill.Now it is child's play in India to catch hold of any teenager alleging that he is stalking. The beardless young adolescent whose young age just sprouts is subject to various turmoil and he automatically fantasizes about girls. Prodded by the stupid cinemas where the heroine gets ensnared because the hero monkeyed the boy may vigil and if the girl smiles he may even follow her.
      Just because a sadist 17 year old  indulged in that crime, the entire teenage population is put under the threat of blackmail.
      Suppose the proposal of marriage is rejected by the parents of the boy. The disappointed parents of the girl have option of blackmailing today.
      This is one bill where only youngsters who are in the young age have to decide. Old people who have forgotten young age and who suffer from chronic ailments are the last people to decide on this matter. A chronic diabetic parliamentarian wanted the net to cover even 16 year olds.Thank God she is sparing the nine year olds.
      Most of these people have conviction that a raped girl is permanently defiled or soiled, unfit for life. These are the latent believers in the Sathi.
      But they do not want to see the widespread kidnapping and selling of girls for prostitution, though the girls are on display in the red light areas.Why they are targeting the beardless very young boys is a matter to be investigated by the Psychologists or to be exact psycho-analysts and then sent for treatment to the psychiatrists.