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7780Congress Harakiri--the FDI method

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  • vadlapudi kesavarao
    Dec 4, 2012
      Dears All,
      Clever Lawyers may argue brilliantly but the trust of the public and
      their brilliance have an inverse relationship.Mr Kapil sibal by his
      brilliance has actually injected panic among the shop keepers ,and
      road side vendors and street hawkers.If they really succeed in this
      FDI,they can expect at the maximum ten or less Lok Sabha seats in the
      2014 elections.Mr Mulayam,Mayavathi and others cannot stretch ,the
      gullibilty of the minorities by threatening their very sense of
      economic survival with the lame and chronically used justification
      that they are voting for the FDI simply because they are opposed to
      the communal BJP.After all there are muslim shop keepers,street
      hawkers and road side vendors also.
      Every shop keeper is closely watching the debate in the Lok Sabha
      about the FDI.If the FDI idea is the design for coffin,then Mr Sibal
      has put many strong nails.If only he goes incognoto to the roads and
      listens to what the shop keepers are saying,he will not be
      congratulating himself.The worst sufferer is Mrs Gandhi whose Italian
      origin has become very stark thanks to this suicidal frenzy of the
      congress party.
      V.Kesava Rao