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2035The right to education.

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  • thiagarajan.arunachalam
    May 31, 2010
      The right to education.
      Posted by: "MD Kini" mdkini@...
      Sun May 30, 2010 1:07 pm (PDT)

      Dear Vinay,

      I entirely agree with the views of Mr.Anirudh N. that the government
      has an obligation to the society to make the right to education is one
      empowerment of the young. It should be free or at least should have a
      reasonable fee whether it is a government institution or a private
      institution. It cannot be profitable commercial activity.

      All primary and secondary schools should be run by the government like
      in all developed countries and higher education can be promoted
      through private sector. The private institutions should not be allowed
      to charge astronomical fees. The government concessions on the
      allotment of land and other facilities should not be allowed to
      exploited to enrich educational barons without proper facilities and
      high fees as of now.

      The corporate sector should be encouraged to take education as a part
      of corporate social responsibilty.

      With good wishes,