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12216Pahadi Sharif Snake Gangs.

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  • Mvs Rao
    Aug 26, 2014

      Pahadi Sharif snake gang.

      Dear Sir,

      Seeing the most outrageous and vicious way the dangerous Pahadi sharif snake gang was carrying on dreadful crimes of robbing, gang-rapes, blackmailing and manslaughter in Hyderabad city was a most shocking news!. In a most heinous way the gang was carrying its treacherous activities on innocent young women and girls and getting away was beyond belief!. I think these thugs were committing worse crimes than any other crimes reported from various parts of India. The Hyderabad police should be commended for being able to cleverly arrest some thugs of the gang, along with many Video proofs. They should take strong steps in dealing with such dangerous criminal rogues and strict vigil should be kept on their hideouts and relations, lest they may cover up some of the cruel past crimes, or try to scare the witnesses.

      Yours Sincerely,