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11927“Nirbhaya Memorial” in Lucknow

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  • Nutan Thakur
    Jul 20, 2014
      “Nirbhaya Memorial” in Lucknow

      People’s Forum shall be coming up with a memorial of Woman Pride in Lucknow in remembrance, respect and honour of all the women folk who are subjected to any kind of sexual cruelty, sexual assault, rape and other such sexual offences.

      The Memorial, called the Nirbhaya memorial, shall consist of statute of a woman as the symbol of all hopes and virtues representing womanhood vis-à-vis a grotesque demon representing the evil lecherous men who indulge in these offences so as to present women’s struggle against all kinds of sexual injustice and the ugliness of such acts.

      This memorial shall be in honour of all Indian women belonging to any religion, region, class or creed. The purpose of this memorial will be to remind the people of the tremendous struggle of womenfolk against sex-related offences and also to act as a resistant to those who want to indulge in such horrendous crimes.

      Dr Nutan Thakur
      # 094155-34525