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  • Thiagarajan Arunachalam
    Jun 25, 2014
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      A lot of people have been questioning me on the railway price hike by the Modi Government.

      Now, here's the justification.

      Please read the complete post and if you feel there's any sense share it.


      Let us take a look at the Indian Railways first:

      Do you know Indian Railways is a loss making body?

      Do you know Indian Railways makes losses through passenger trains and some profits through
      freight trains?

      Do you know Indian Railways incurred a loss of 25,000 crore Indian Rupees last year?

      Governments come and go but no one dares to mess with the train fares for it has the potential of
      toppling a government. The “Dinesh Trivedi” incident is not a very old one where Mamta Banerjee asked the former to step down as the railway minister when he announced a hike in railway fare.

      Before stepping down, He very publicly proclaimed that Indian Railway is on its way to become Air India and that someday the Government will have to take some harsh steps.

      Now let us look at the previous government:
      Why do we criticize UPA-II so much?

      Why was Manmohan one of the weakest Prime Ministers of all times?

      Because both Singh and his gang lacked the willpower to perform.

      They went on flagging off one populist scheme after another just to stay in power. They were too
      busy appeasing the votebank rather than doing anything substantial.

      They were too scared to go against the public sentiments, even if it was in the interest of the nation.

      They failed to take even one bold step and the result showed in their election performance.

      The worse aspect was that they pushed India on the negative side of the development line.

      Now let us take a look at Modi:

      Why did we vote Modi to power?

      The only reason, for which Indians voted Modi to power was because Modi seemed, acted and talked like a doer.

      He came across as a
      man with a plan and with an insatiable hunger to succeed.

      We wanted a go-getter after 10 years of indolence in the PM office.

      And I believe that he can walk the talk.

      Railways price hike is the need and the inevitability of the time.

      If we want better service, better security, better infrastructure,cleanliness, hygiene and trains on time…We should be ready to shell out some more!

      AAP tards and Congressmen who travel by first class flights and pay a rent of Rs 85000 per month are crying over the price hike as if they'll have to spend the rest of their life's there.

      You're ready to pay Rs 400 extra for your favourite movies every Friday.

      You're ready to eat those expensive pizzas.

      But, when the government is asking you for some more money, for your own facilities, you start crying?

      Modi isn't a magician to bring the Ache Din within a month!

      This step will get us better quality service and would surely make rupee stronger as the subsidies won't be a burden.

      Think and take a stand.

      : Mumbai Local train fare hike the truth

      Earliar it use to cost people around 10Paisa to 12 Paisa per km for monthly pass

      Now it is around 25-30 Paisa per km

      Virar Churchagate distane 60km.. Return journey 120 km
      30 days 3600 kms

      Earliar pass 280 means 7 Paisa per km

      Now pass is 645

      Means it is 17 Paisa per km

      Is it really costly

      50 rs ka pizza 500 main khate ho..tabhi kuch nahi lagata

      2 Rs ka coldrink Rs10 main pite ho..tabhi nahi chillatay

      Be an Indain first then shout... 

      Courtesy: Ms. Havovi Patel😎

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