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11170Re: [karmayog-hyd] Fwd: Misuse of public-funds on photo-advertisements on election-eve: Supreme Court could prevent nuisance for ever: President of India should intervene

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  • Thumakunta Sree rama
    Mar 6, 2014
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      Simple solution --
      Boycot Newspapers -
      Don't purchase them --
      Avoid all Advertisement Channels on TV;
      If possible, can your cable TV connection and go in for only Doordarshan Channel;
      Once the sales come down, they will open their eyes;
      If the business people charge more, boycot those items of purchase
      Adopt the same principle in the Vegeatgable or non vegeatable market;
      They have to throw away the unsold material as waste;
      If the targets are not met by the Traders, their contracts shall be got cancelled;
      In some cases, the deposit money they have collected will not be refunded under penalty clause.

      Why to depend on President of India or even Supreme Court for that matter.
      Lakhs of Crores of rupees are lying in Swiss Bank and other accounts operated by Indians abroad;
      Lakhs of Crores of rupees are involved in Scams and Schemes;
      Lakhs and Crores of Files have been remaining pending in Courts;
      Murders are taking place right in the premises of the Courts in the dead of the day light-
      Overtures on Ladies are taking place every second - every minute and every day;
      Children are getting kidnapped and brought into pickpocketing and allied illegal activities.
      Where is respite???
      If we cannot teach them a lesson by this way, discussions are waste excepting that we may satisfy by seeing the publication of our message in columns.

      Let consumers be aware of this weapon in their hands;

      It is election time. 
      Each party comes out with its portfolio and strategy;
      Once elections over - results announced - all those the Voter MISSES  promises in action;
      All are one - There is no party which comes to the rescue of the common man;
      Vested Interests shall be becoming richer and richer;
      Voter shall be becoming poorer and poorer;
      Do not encash your Vote;
      Encase Your Vote;
      See the Drama

      T.H. Sree Rama
      dated:7th March, 2014

      On Friday, 7 March 2014 6:25 AM, Thiagarajan Arunachalam <thiagarajan.arunachalam@...> wrote:
      From: Mahendra Kamdar <mdkamdar@...>

      Misuse of public-funds on photo-advertisements on election-eve: Supreme Court could prevent nuisance for ever: President of India should intervene
      It refers to large-scale misuse of public-funds both by Union and state governments on multi-page newspaper-advertisements projecting political rulers on election-eve. Even Supreme Court on a writ-petition filed on the matter on 03.03.2014 accepted bitter reality when it commented that such photo-publicity of political personalities was not in good taste. However Division Bench of the Apex Court had an opportunity to ban the nuisance for ever instead of questioning timing of filing the writ just on poll-eve. It is to be noted that Chief Justice of India P Sathasivam declined to be part of such photo-publicity when he did not permit publishing of his photo in newspaper-advertisements on 26.09.2013 in respect of a function by postal-department in which he was the Chief Guest, with political rulers continuing misuse the opportunity by getting their photos printed in the said advertisements.
      Congress President once publicly spoke against photo-publicity in government-advertisements. Dr Manmohansingh on first time taking charge as Prime Minister also desired his photos not to be published in government-advertisements. But surprisingly such unhealthy practice could not be stopped with photos of both Sonia Gandhi and Manmohansigh continuing appearing in government-advertisements. It may be recalled that the then Delhi Lokayukta Justice Manmohan Sarin pulled the then Delhi Chief Minister and her minister for getting their photos printed on application-forms for ration-cards. Conflicts between Union and state governments on photos of Prime Minister or Chief Minister painted on schemes launched by Union government but implemented by state governments came to light in case of photos to be painted on ambulances in Punjab. Huge amount of funds were wasted on first putting huge sign-boards on national highways on national highways with photos of the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee which had to be covered during poll-process and ultimately removed on change of political rulers at the Central government.
      It is time that President of India may use the opportunity for an advisory note advising a total ban on photo-publicity of living personalities including especially political rulers at expense of governments and public-sector-undertakings. Such an advisory-note from President of India though not mandatory, yet will develop strong pressure of media and public against nuisance of misuse of public-money on photo-publicity and image-projection of political rulers.
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