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11167Fwd: [karmayog] Fwd: Defeated politicians as governors not a good tradition: No post should be for persons rejected in polls for five years

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  • Thiagarajan Arunachalam
    Mar 6, 2014

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      Defeated politicians as governors not a good tradition: No post should be for persons rejected in polls for five years


      It refers to former Chief Minister of Delhi Shiela Dixit appointed as Kerala governor after she lost in recent held assembly-elections in Delhi. It is not good that persons rejected by people may be rewarded by giving such dignified posts where governor-houses at times are grossly misused like ‘party-headquarters’ of ruling party at the Centre by political appointees at post of governors like was done by Romesh Bhandari. Politics should not be made as profession that too for life-time by appointing politicians on posts getting benefits like post-retirement bungalows and many other princely facilities. No posts should be given to persons rejected in polls for at least five years. Only non-politicians like retired judges or bureaucrats should be appointed on post of Governors, with binding of their not joining active politics after retirement. In case of violation, all their pensions and other benefits even for their earlier-held posts may be forfeited.


      Otherwise also post of Governors is a simple waste of public-money where functions of Governors can be performed by Chief Justice of the state after refining process of electing Chief Minister, Speaker and Deputy Speaker. Main role of governor is his/her discretion in inviting a person to form government as Chief Minister, an aspect which is often misused because of political appointees appointed as Governors often playing biased role. Chief Minister, Speaker and Deputy Speaker should be simultaneously elected by secret and compulsory vote of all members of lower House on nominations signed by at least 34-percent members through Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) thereby abolishing any need of a post of Governor. Such elected persons may be removed only by same process but with compulsion to name alternate leader in the same motion. Members not participating in such a democratic process may automatically lose membership of State Legislative Assembly.



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