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  • Thiagarajan Arunachalam
    Jan 4, 2014

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      From: gonuguntla kondala rao
      Date: Sunday, January 5, 2014

      Dear friends. Today it was heartbreaking agony.

      An unknown young B.Tech student in a nearby apartment left this world in a bike accident couple of days ago. He wasn't wearing helmet and seemingly made a cut while overtaking a tractor and suffered a fatal head injury. Tried to console his parents who are inconsolable. They only have to see their elder son in their younger son. 

      Everyday, about 5 to 7 deaths occur on GHMC roads, causing untold grief to their kith and kin. In AP about 15000 are losing their lives in road accidents in a year and 142485 died in the year 2012 in India, i.e., one person dies in every 4.7 minutes. 52% of them are in productive age group. Thus, beautiful little flowers are falling before blooming.

      They don't know that helmets can prevent about 40% of road deaths, lower speed would significantly reduce the impact of an accident and make it much less fatal, and that following traffic rules is for their and others' benefit only. Such things may happen to the children of any parents when they don't know how to prevent them. It is perhaps the duty of elders to make them aware of the dangers and the precautions the parents and the children can take. 

      Studied road accident issues and would like to conduct awareness programs in consultation with resident welfare associations, as it has become essential to save precious lives of young children who are the productive force of our country. 

      Those who want us (HEARTS Trust) to conduct awareness programs in this regard may contact 8186074027 (or email: raogkondala2020@...) on any 2nd saturday/sunday/public holiday. 

      gk rao