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10133Re: Govt ordinance on convicted MPs and MLAs is non-sense, says Rahul Ga

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  • Mvs Rao
    Sep 29, 2013
      Dear Sir,
      I appreciate the wisdom and boldness of Rahul Gandi, to condemn critically, about the hurriedly brought ordinance,  as nonsense and worth throwing in waste paper basket!.He said it in a sincere way. He, in way saved the government to come out of committing a very bad and un-thoughtful action! The majority politicians, people, intellectuals were against that ordinance. I appreciate his timely intervention!.

      Similarly CWC had decided to break the Andhra Pradesh into two states. More than 60% people the AP rose up to oppose this unjust decision. Since last two months the people of 13 districts Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema opposing with one voice and the movement is becoming more tense as days pass by without any positive response from the Congress party. this is a mass movement by crores of people, not lead by any political parties. The situation is becoming uncontrollable as people are showing anger at the hasty political decision with hollow  promises to those two regions. Now government does not want to go back from this at the same time they are not able to ahead also displeasing the major supporters to the party!.  I feel Rahul Gandhi is the right person to save the Congress party once more to save its face in the looming elections in some months!. He should declare that proposal also to be torn and thrown into a waste basket . Otherwise Congess will be routed out in these two regions. The party should not feel from prestige point of view but to act with tact, to wriggle out of this unpopular commitment. 

      Yours Sincerely,