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The Strange Case of the Shrinking Nodes List !!

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  • zl4ax
    This is one of the weirdest things I ve ever seen in the 27 years I ve been involved with Packet Radio. Here s the mystery: Our local network here in New
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2013
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      This is one of the weirdest things I've ever seen in the 27 years I've been involved with Packet Radio. Here's the mystery:

      Our local network here in New Zealand consists of about 20 stations, all using Kantronics TNC's on a single radio channel. We all have late model Kantronics units, mostly with V8.2 to V9.1 firmware and 512k RAM, so we're pretty much up to date.
      Our network is very well populated and most of us run 24/7. This means that we can always rely upon each-other's KA Nodes to hop around the system to parts of the region that we couldn't otherwise reach. We also use our PBBS's to regularly exchange mail messages.
      Our network is growing every month with new Kantronics-equipped stations and the guys are even buying brand new units again (something I haven't seen for many years!).

      Just like you, we enter cmd:MH into our tnc's when we want to check who's been heard. We also enter cmd:NDH when we want to see the list of local KA Nodes that have been heard.
      The Kantronics tnc will then display the LAST TWELVE nodes that it heard. (on less busy networks that list will often show a history going back several days, but ours is so busy that the full list of 12 nodes only shows less than 20 minutes worth. wow!)

      The strange thing is this......
      The more new stations that join our network, the LESS stations appear in the Nodes List (cmd:NDH) in all of our Kantronics tnc's !!

      At first we were all displaying twelve Nodes. Then one day last year all our tnc's started displaying just eleven. Then only ten.
      By today, the total Nodes list that anyone on our network can display is EIGHT.
      This applies to every one of the 20 different Kantronics units within our network! (representing all models of Kam, Kamplus, KPC3, KPC3plus, KPC9612, KPC9612plus, Kam XL etc etc).

      What on earth can be happening?
      The more new stations that join the net, the more our tnc's show smaller and smaller listings.
      Weird, or what ?

      73 from New Zealand
      Paul ZL4AX
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