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Re: Software for PocketPC, Palm?

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  • Ken
    Pacterm and pocket DOS, I ll give that a try. Thanks Ken N1IER ... keyboard ... Pocket PC ... ports use ... Palm using ... luck trying ... emulator -- ... has
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 7 6:14 AM
      Pacterm and pocket DOS, I'll give that a try.


      Ken N1IER

      --- In kantronics@yahoogroups.com, Kenneth Cooperstein
      <cprstn54@a...> wrote:
      > "Ken" phixer36@y... wrote:
      > >So now all we need is someone else who can come up with a packet
      > >program for Windows CE. Is there anybody out there that can perform
      > >this programming feat???
      > Until they do, you can use Pacterm 2.0 for DOS under PocketDOS.
      > I have it working on my iPAQ 3150, turned sideways, with IrDA
      > input. I might go blind, but it works.
      > Now if only I can figure out how to get native printing done under
      Pocket PC
      > 2000.
      > BTW, you can't do this with Palm OS because the serial and IrDA
      ports use
      > the same I/O interrupts or memory. I believe you can do it with
      Palm using
      > an integral thumboard, Graffiti or touch screen keyboard. Lotsa
      luck trying
      > to have a QSO at 20 WPM.
      > Also, you can always "rough it" with a simple freeware terminal
      emulator --
      > both for Pocket PC and Palm. No hot keys or file transfers though.
      > For Pocket PC, you can ante up $29 and get vxHpc, which, I believe,
      has hot
      > keys and file transfer capability.
      > Ken KC2JDY
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