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1540RE: Kam Upgrade Gone Wrong: Help

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  • zl4ax
    Jan 3, 2014


      Thanks Finn, I found a shorted Tantalum Capacitor in the power line.  By sheer bad luck, it had failed at the same time I was doing the V6.1 upgrade!!   What annoying timing!

      After isolating the problem and replacing the Tant, the upgrade went ahead with 100% success, just like it should have done initially.


      So I can confirm to any reader interested in bringing their ancient V2.85 Kam into the 21st century, that it IS indeed possible, and in fact very easy.  It requires only the Eprom changed to V6.1, and the little 24C4 chip next to it swapped for a 24C16, and the job is done.   Simply plug in the two new chips and do a hard reset and you've advanced your Kam by a decade of development.   A great improvement!


      73  Paul ZL4AX Pukekohe New Zealand

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