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1539RE: Kam Upgrade Gone Wrong: Help

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  • la7um
    Dec 30, 2013
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      Paul, I think there were 2 elements here.

      One was the EEPROM needed to get bigger for storing more parameters. from 5.0

      The other was some Clock Battery socket in between the EPROM and and the Main Board.

      I remember trying to install some bigger EEPROM (where we PERM parameters, without having any clock battery.

      Result, an ERROR msg in 300B Checksum , and not possible to perm  MYCALL or any new parametersm but PACTOR 1 worked.

      I tried to make an old EPROM Ver 6.1 work from another trashed KAM.

      Anyway,  did not need any clock, was only using the box as a client with AirMail for winlink use.

      Workaround was AirMail into Terminal mode each time for accepting  baudrate and MYcall after a power shut down.

      I had no problem with any Fuse blowing off, so cannot help here.

      Have you double checked all the legs, and the correct direction of both the EEPROM (the little one) and the EPROM (the big one?).

      73. Finn/LA/UM

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