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1538RE: kpc3+ problem with icom 2720

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  • la7um
    Jan 2, 2014
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      Josh. Perhaps the tx-delay at the counter station is too short for your 2720, while IC 7000 do switch quick enough into RX mode?

      Try with the Command CD SOFT (if KPC3 has the same command as KAM+)

      Then operate with Open squelch.

      If not, the counter station is the one needed to increase his TXdelay.

      Try 50 (500 msek) Probably somewhere around 300-400 is enough.

      73. Finn/LA7UM 

      ---In kantronics@yahoogroups.com, <kb6vtu@...> wrote:

      Any help here is appreciated. 

      I have a almost new KPC-3+ which works fine with my Icom 7000, but that is too much radio for just a packet station. As such I'd like to use my Icom 2720 which has the same data port at the back, at least close enough.

      The TNC works perfectly with the 7000, but only intermittently with the IC-2720. It seems like the the 2720 isn't receiving the packet information. I can hear the other station responding and sometimes I'll get some text on my screen from the other station, but then I get nothing. The 2720 continues trying to keep a connection, but end up failing. Since the 2720 always seems to elicit a response from the other station I think the audio level to the 2720 is good. Is it possible that the level from the 2720 to the TNC is bad, or somehow distorted? 

      I am using the same cable with the 2720 as with the 7000. Squelch is controlled via software in both cases.

      Has anyone ever gotten a 2720 to work consistently with a KPC3+ and, if so, can you shed any light on my problem?

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