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1534RE: Help getting KPC3+ to work with Icom 2720

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  • zl4ax
    Dec 9, 2013

      Hi Josh

      You didn't say how you're connecting the TNC to the radios, so I'm assuming that you're using the mini-din type data socket in the back of both?   (if not, then it would be a volume / audio issue).


      However, assuming that you are using the same socket on both rigs, then I'd suggest returning the tnc to the IC7000 to check that it still works. Maybe you broke a conductor in the cord when you moved it.   If it's ok, then go back to the 2720 once more.   It could be a loose pin in the plug or socket.


      If it still won't run, it does sound like your first guess, and that the audio level from the radio might be too low.  That's a most unusual problem on modern radios that should have pre-set output levels set very precisely.   


      Oddly enough, I have a friend using a 2720 with a tnc into the data socket near here, and he's always missing incoming packets.   Probably coincidence, but you've now got me wondering if there's a problem with the output level from this model of radio?    Please post the results of your tests on the Group, as I'm very interested to know the outcome.


      mni 73

      Paul ZL4AX New Zealand

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