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1533RE: Problem KPC 9612+ and AGWPE

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  • zl4ax
    Dec 9, 2013

      Hi Severino

      All these problems you're describing are within the AGWPE program, and not the TNC.

      It's quite common for programs that 'take control' of the tnc to over-write the settings that you had in your tnc's config files. Many packet programs since the 1980's have had that characteristic.

      You will need to do a full ''Hard Re-Set' on your TNC to recover it back to Kantronics defaults, then you can put it into Terminal Mode and cut-and-paste the machine's own settigns onto a text file so you can keep them for reference.  Then each time your software changes the tnc's settings to something that you don't want, you can manually type them back in.


      Meantime, you should also join an AGWPE user group, so you can get advice there about how to make your display work, amongst the other problems.  These are issues with your software, and not really a Kantronics matter.  


      Personally, I recommend using the excellent UI/APRS facilities that exist within the Kantronics tnc's rather than using external software.  The Kantronics system is highly featured and versatile and offers a 'broader brush' of multi-role capabilities that will all run simultaneously, which has to be better than a single mode program.

      I've always compared accessing a good tnc through an extra layer of software to being like playing a piano with two pairs of gloves on.  You miss out on the finer feel of a good instrument!


      Good luck

      Paul ZL4AX New Zealand

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