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  • Alex739
    Oct 10, 2013


      I have a problem and I need some advice. i have a Kantronics KPC-2 with release 5.0 firmware. Isetup the TNC and it shows it working ok after i move the reset jumper and then put it back to norm. I enter * to set baud rate and then my call. I set the specs to what i need and then at the cmd promot i type "perm" to burn this in to the EEPROM. once the tnc has been turned off overnight all of the settings are gone. The TNC is not saving my info,

      I've ordered a new DS1216C with the watchdog timer and battery back up.

      But I have to re-use this same EEPROM. What do you suggest?


      Alex Watters- KV4PW

      email: kk4khk@...

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      Drop me a personal email and we'll talk through what you need to do.

      I've commissioned many new Kantronics units in the last year, including a new Kam-XL a couple of weeks ago.  I make up all the leads for Yaesu and I can give you easy wiring dagrams and a good sample setup for your new KamXL too

      Maybe we can chat on echolink or skype?  You'll be up-and-running in no time!


      Paul  ZL4AX  (ex-G4XTA)  

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      Is there a simple guide to setting up Kantronics Kam XL ??
      Cannot work out how to initialise my new piece of kit.....

      Thanks in advance Jim G7TDY
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