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1500RE: KPC-2400 SRAM Questions

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  • zl4ax
    Sep 29, 2013

      Hi Peter

      Short answer: No.  Sorry.  It can't be upgraded.

      A couple of decades ago there was a rare and expensive 'temporary fix'

      that involved fitting a huge hybrid eprom with a 'hump' in it's back that

      contained a backup battery.  It cost half a week's wages at the time, and

      only lasted a couple of years, then died!   It's no longer available.

      Your dear old vintage TNC is just that, a vintage piece of IT history. 

      In fact, newer Kantronics TNC's than yours have the same volatile memory

      affecting mailbox loss of contents and zero-ing of the clock.

      But hey, your mailbox is a teensy little 10kb (current models are 512k) and

      it hardly matters if you lose it.  Re-setting the clock is a small price to pay

      for saving yourself $300 on a new TNC isn't it?

      Enjoy an excellent piece of old equipment, it's like owning a classic car!

      73  Paul  ZL4AX New Zealand

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      I have a KPC-2400 (code ver 3.05) with a standard SRAM chip.

      It's an otherwise satisfactory TNC, but it loses all the mail files and the clock setting when power is cycled.

      1. Will changing the present SRAM chip to a battery backed SRAM prevent mail loss?

      2. If I change the SRAM to a battery backed device with a clock chip, will the new clock chip be recognized by my version of the code? If not, will a later version accomplish that?

      Thanks for any information you can provide.

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