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1493RE: Repair KAM?

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  • zl4ax
    Sep 28, 2013
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      The symptom described is very common in KamPlus units of the same age as yours. I've fixed four this year.   You just need to replace most of the electrolytic capacitors around the front ot the circuit board, and possibly two transistors and a chip  (but ususally just a one dollar bag of capacitors is all that's needed).

      Don't worry, this is not a serious fault.  At 18 years old they all seem to have the same fault as the capacitors dry out over the same length of time. 

      I've got detailed photos of a KamPlus circuit board showing exactly which components to swap out.  Send me a personal email so I can reply with the photos.  Then if you can't find a specialist TNC repair shop you can just take your unit to any electronic or TV repair facility and give them the photo.  It's only 30 minutes work.

      Don't forget to carry-out a full hard re-set afterwards.


      Paul ZL4AX New Zealand

      ---In kantronics@yahoogroups.com, <kantronics@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      My KAM with V8.0 ROM stopped functioning. All led's blink rapidly and
      erratically. Kantronics no longer repairs this product; is anyone aware where I might get the unit repaired.
      Thanks, Rich/N2JR
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