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1100PACLEN in Node Mode

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  • zl4ax
    Oct 17, 2011
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      What setting controls the Packet Length (cmd:PACLEN) for packets that are being relayed through the NODE in Kantronics TNC's?

      I ask this because I have many Kantronics TNC's that I've been using daily for many years. I know that the cmd:PACLEN changes the length of the packets that the TNC's will transmit in one long burst. If the figure is set low (perhaps, 64) then any message being sent will be chopped up into little short bursts, only 64 characters long. But if it is set high (at 236, like I use), then the TNC will happliy send out big long strings of 236 characters in one lump.

      But..... when packets are being relayed through the NODE of any Kantronics TNC, this setting is ignored. The TNC seems to chop the messages flowing through it into chunks of a size which it has chosen itself, and not the PACLEN length that has been set by the owner.

      This means that if I connect to a local station directly, and ask for his 'Heard' list with the command 'J L' then his TNC will send me the whole list in one long blast, because his cmd:PACLEN is also set at 236, which is longer than the contents of his list.
      But when I connect to the same guy via another KA Node, and request the same 'J L' list, then the KA Node that is relaying the message always cuts up the message into two chunks and sends one half, then waits for my TNC to acknowledge before sending the rest. This is true even when the other guy sent it all in just one chunk.

      So, what I'm asking is this: Please do you know what setting in the TNC needs to be changed in order to control the PACLEN for the Node, in the same way as the main part of the TNC?
      I need to get to the bottom of this, because it's slowing our entire network down.

      Your help will be most appreciated.
      Paul ZL4AX Pukekohe New Zealand