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New web site - Kanczuga.org, and research progress

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  • Philip Trauring
    I m happy to announce a new website focused on research of Kanczuga, at: http://kanczuga.org This is essentially an extension of this group. I have not decided
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2012
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      I'm happy to announce a new website focused on research of Kanczuga, at:

      This is essentially an extension of this group. I have not decided yet whether or not I should move the discussion from this Yahoo group onto the website. For the time being they will remain separate - discussion via Yahoo, information on the web site.

      If you visited the research page before at kanczuga.org/research, this is a whole new web site. There are a number of features I'm hoping everyone on this group will help develop.

      First, I've tried to list all the organizations and web sites that may be of interest to someone researching Kanczuga. I am sure I missed some, so if you see a web site that is missing or an organization with information on Kanczuga that I didn't add, please let me know. You can send me an e-mail or post to this group.

      Second, I have a created a photo album that anyone can upload photos to. This is intended for everyone here, or anyone researching Kanczuga, to upload individual photos that are somehow connected to Kanczuga - such as photos from the town, or people who lived in the town, etc. Out of the hundreds of old family photos I have, I only know of one that is from Kanczuga (of my ggg-grandfather). Hopefully others have more, but even if we all just upload one or two photos we have, this public album can help us understand what life was like in Kanczuga (and what it looks like now).

      Third, I would like to invite members of this group to write articles or submit whole groups of photos for display on the site. I will be using the site to post updates in research, but I would like to offer to publish family stories, photo essays, etc. that are connected to Kanczuga and the surrounding villages.

      One thing that I think you'll find useful is that on the new site I've added names to the gravestone photos from the two Landsmanshaft cemetery sections. It's not yet searchable, unfortunately, but it should make navigating through the hundreds of photos easier. Those photo galleries are at:

      We still need someone to help coordinate indexing all the gravestone data so we can create a fully searchable database, contribute the data to JOWBR, etc. If someone is interested in leading this project, please let me know.

      I'd also like to let everyone know that we've made considerable progress in the initial Kanczuga Archival Records project that several of you helped fund. Gesher Galicia has been amazing and it's great to be working with them on this project. We've located property owner records from 1819/20, 1833 and 1850 (and I hope we will also find the 1785-8 records soon), as well as several Jewish community documents. We hope to make the images of these records available to donors to the project in the next couple of weeks. We will be starting indexing of the records as soon as we can, but we need to figure out how we will be doing that. If there are people in this group who are comfortable reading old Polish documents and want to help index these records, I'd like to hear from you. We can try to index these ourselves, so we can pay professionals in Poland or Ukraine to do so. We will likely need to raise some more money if we pay to index everything, but I'm not sure yet what funds we have, nor what we would need. That will become clearly after we finish the inventory of records. Let me be clear - the project has some funds for indexing, but until we have a fuller picture of what documents are out there, we won't know how much we will need to index everything. Full information on what we've found is now posted on the new web site.

      We want to get the Nearby Villages project off the ground but we still need to raise more funds. To that end I'm grateful that Gesher Galicia has decided a bit unconventionally to allow us to count this inventory project like their other town projects so it could receive matching funds. They've kicked in $250 to the $560 we already received. We're still $870 from our goal, however, and we need to raise funds from more people to reach that goal. As a reminder of the towns we're researching and the surnames I've been able to identify that are connected to those towns, see the page on this project on the new site: http://kanczuga.org/research/nearby/ For those who know more about these nearby towns and villages, I welcome any additional information you can sent me. I've tried to link to outside resources when I'm aware of them (JewishGen Community pages, Virtual Shtetl, KehillaLinks, etc.) but I welcome other links specific to these towns, and certainly if you want to write up an article on one of these towns, I would welcome it for the site. We also, of course, need more donations to get this project off the ground, so I've also set up a donation page that lets to donate directly via PayPal at http://kanczuga.org/donate/

      I welcome any questions, comments, feedback, suggestions, criticisms, etc. about the new site. I want all of you to see it first, and then I will be promoting it elsewhere to hopefully bring in other Kanczuga researchers to this group.

      All the best,

      Philip Trauring
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