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Nearby Towns Project

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  • Philip Trauring
    So first, I want to say that we ve made some progress in the inventory for Kańczuga. We ve identified a Cadastral Map which is very exciting, and other
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2012
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      So first, I want to say that we've made some progress in the inventory for Kańczuga. We've identified a Cadastral Map which is very exciting, and other documents related to the Jewish community from the 18th and 19th centuries. More details to follow, but it's exciting to find previously unknown documents on Kańczuga. We do not yet have copies of these documents. We will first finish the inventory and then start prioritizing copying and indexing.

      I mentioned in my last e-mail that I'm going to be organizing a second inventory project to see what is available in the towns and villages that surround Kańczuga. This is because there is so much overlap between these towns and Kańczuga. I've developed a list of 21 towns that are both close to Kańczuga and that have evidence of overlap between families living in those towns and Kańczuga. The towns include:

      Lopuszka Mala
      Lopuszka Wielka
      Hadle Szklarskie
      Jawornik Polski

      The goal of this project will be to see what records, if any, exist for these towns. After the inventory for all the towns is complete, we will pursue a second follow-up project, or multiple projects, to copy and index whatever records we discover. Most if not all of the people on this list have relatives that lived in these towns, even if you don't realize it. I've tried to compile a list of surnames I've been able to find that show up in other Kańczuga records showing a link to these specific towns. Many of you will find your family names listed. Keep in mind that seeing your family surnames listed does not mean we will find additional family records in these towns, it just means those families are referenced elsewhere as having lived in these towns.

      A small selection of surnames I've found connected to these towns: Adler, Birnbach, Braten, Cellerkraut, Engelberg, Kasstecher, Knispel, Langsam, Morsel, Ringelheim, Sauerhaft, Scherz, Schiffman, Silberman, Stelzer, Susskind, Waldmann, Weintraub, Wiesenfeld

      I've set up a web page which has the full list of surnames and additional information listed. Feel free to take a look:


      I will be mentioning this page in a forthcoming e-mail to various other e-mail lists (Gesher Galicia, JewishGen, etc.) to find people who may be researching these towns (and not realized that Kańczuga was connected), and the mentioned family names.

      The goal will be to raise $80/town for all the towns before getting started. Certainly if you see your family surname mentioned and want to help fund that town's inventory, that's great, but keep in mind that there is close interconnections between all of these towns, and we probably don't know all the towns that our families lived in, so the goal is to fund all of them at the same time. To that end, the goal is to raise 21 donations of $80 each, and the donations are not strictly tied to the towns themselves (since we are waiting until they are all funded before getting started).

      I'm happy to announce that one generous donor has already funded 7 out of the 21 slots already, one third of the funding we need to get started. I hope each of you reading this will help contribute to this project, so we can all expand our knowledge and understanding of our families from this area. It is certainly my hope that this project will provide information that none of would otherwise have even known existed, and thus would never find without this project.

      All the best,

      Philip Trauring
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