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Re: Re: Status update on Kanczuga research projects

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  • Shelley K. Pollero
    Re Myron Thurm s comment in his post of Oct 20, ... It would be great if someone (Phillip?) would provide a quarterly update about the Kanczuga group and its
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 25, 2012
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      Re Myron Thurm's comment in his post of Oct 20,

      > I received 2 of "THE GALITZIANER publications
      > March and June 2012, No where in there is Kanczuga mentioned,was a bit
      > dissapointed,since I was hoping to acquire some info of my family from there.

      It would be great if someone (Phillip?) would provide a quarterly update about the Kanczuga group and its research opportunities for publication in The Galitzianer (TheG). Unless something is submitted to TheG, nothing will be mentioned therein.

      The editor collects submitted material and produces the quarterly journal. It is up to those researching the towns to send in items of interest. Some of the articles are scholarly, personal recollections, trip reports, or small databases. However, any town or town group information would be greatly appreciated.


      Shelley K. Pollero
      Gesher Galicia Past President
      Gesher Galicia Board Member
      Severna Park, Maryland
    • goldsmithjudith
      Dear Judy, I just joined this Yahoo group and I am excited about the research. I have family from Blazowa and Kanczuga. My grandmother s maiden surname was
      Message 2 of 5 , Nov 6, 2012
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        Dear Judy,

        I just joined this Yahoo group and I am excited about the research. I have family from Blazowa and Kanczuga. My grandmother's maiden surname was Geiger and the Geigers were from Blazowa. One of her sisters, Miriem Geiger, married Getzel Holoschitzer from Kanczuga. Another Geiger, One of my grandmother's brothers, Abraham Geiger (rabbi) married Sprynca or Sprinza Shtark from Kanczuga. Have you come across any of those names?

        Judy Goldsmith
        New Hampshire, USA

        --- In kanczuga@yahoogroups.com, "J.C.Keiner" <J.C.Keiner@...> wrote:
        > Dear Philip
        > Thank you for posting this information and thanks particularly to you and to
        > Cheryl Sandler for your work on photographing the gravestones and putting
        > them online.
        > I have already been able to identify some distant relatives (Thurms who were
        > descended from a Frommer) who are listed in the Kanczuga BMD records and of
        > whom I did not previously know their subsequent lives or connections.
        > If you do produce a Google Docs spreadsheet, may I suggest that the
        > following columns might be added
        > Kanczuga BMD listing
        > Ellis Island record
        > Yad Vashem related Daf Ed record
        > Descendant/relative contact email
        > These columns might contain a simple reference number, or could be ³Birth of
        > father Avraham Abba listed 31-02-1856², ³mother¹s maiden name listed as
        > Goldmann² etc,
        > Surrounding villages of interest to me are Monasterz and Blazowa
        > There is also potential considerable overlap with Rzeszow ‹ which has a
        > transcribed record list via JewishGen.
        > With best wishes
        > Judy Keiner
        > London, England
        > Stem family: Frommer
        > On 19/10/2012 09:26, "Philip Trauring" <philip@...> wrote:
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > > As there have been a number of different research projects discussed here in
        > > the past months, I wanted to give a status update on them for everyone.
        > >
        > > -> Landmanshaftn Cemetery Photographs and Transcriptions
        > >
        > > I'm very happy to announce that we have photographs of all the graves in the
        > > two NY-area Kanczuga landsmanshaftn cemetery sections. I photographed the
        > > gravestones in the Mt. Lebanon cemetery in Iselin, NJ over the summer and
        > > Cheryl Sandler recently photographed the gravestones in the Mt. Zion cemetery
        > > in Maspeth, NY. While the graves are not yet transcribed, you can browse the
        > > photos for each cemetery and try to find graves of relatives there.
        > >
        > > Speaking of transcriptions I'd like to see if I can find one person who can
        > > coordinate the transcription efforts for the photos. The end-goal is to create
        > > spreadsheets with all the information on all the graves in each section, and
        > > submit them to JOWBR so they will be searchable on JewishGen. If more than one
        > > person can coordinate, then we can assign one person per cemetery.
        > > Coordinators should be able to read Hebrew at the least, and if you can
        > > understand and translate Hebrew engravings, all the better.
        > >
        > > I'm currently looking into some software that might help us coordinate the
        > > transcriptions, but I'm open to suggestions on how best to collect
        > > transcriptions on hundreds of gravestones. The simplest solution may be to
        > > just create a Google Docs spreadsheet and let people add transcription
        > > information to it based on the photograph file name.
        > >
        > > -> Kanczuga records in Poland and Ukraine
        > >
        > > The inventory process for Kanczuga records in Poland and Ukraine began last
        > > month (after the archive's summer break). Efforts have already started in the
        > > L'viv archives, and efforts in Przemsl will begin next month or December when
        > > the researcher Gesher Galica has hired there will have time to work on finding
        > > Kanczuga records. I will keep everyone updated as I hear more, but there is
        > > nothing else to report right now. This is not the fastest process clearly, but
        > > some of these records have been sitting there for over 200 years, so I think
        > > we can wait a few more months to get a full inventory of what is available,
        > > and then start copying and translating records.
        > >
        > > There has also been some interest in starting a connected project to try to
        > > create an inventory of records from the many villages that surrounded
        > > Kanczuga. Certainly anyone who had relatives from Kanczuga is likely to have
        > > many relatives from these surrounding villages. From my own research I can
        > > tell you the surnames immensely overlap. I have identified 20 villages and
        > > towns that surround Kanczuga and have direct connections to Kanczuga (through
        > > mentions in other records). I'm organizing the information on these villages,
        > > and we can start doing research on them as well, but I'd like to wait until we
        > > start seeing a bit more progress on the Kanczuga project itself. Keep in mind
        > > that this research will require additional fundraising, about $80/town just to
        > > do an inventory of what is available.
        > >
        > > -> CAHJP Files
        > >
        > > I mentioned previously the documents in the Central Archives for the History
        > > of the Jewish People (CAHJP) that mention Kanczuga. I would like to find
        > > someone in Israel to help coordinate efforts to copy and translate those
        > > documents. Certainly knowledge of Polish would be helpful, but it can probably
        > > be handled without that, as we first need to work on getting the documents
        > > scanned, and then we will worry about getting them translated.
        > >
        > > I've set up a web page that lists the above projects and their current
        > > statuses in more detail, which is also where you can find links to the
        > > cemetery photos, here:
        > >
        > > http://trauring.net/kanczuga/
        > >
        > > If you have ideas for additional research projects for Kanczuga, or want to
        > > volunteer to be a coordinator of one of the current projects, please let me
        > > know either on this list, or directly via e-mail.
        > >
        > > All the best,
        > >
        > > Philip Trauring
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
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