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Re: [kanczuga] Kanczuga record indexing status update

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    as a newcomer,and will be needing your assistance and info,would be happy to forward you a check,please send me details where to send it and to who it
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 14, 2012
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      as a newcomer,and will be needing your assistance and info,would be happy to forward you a check,please send me details  where to send it and to who it should be made out to
      In a message dated 8/14/2012 12:06:01 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, philip@... writes:

      I wanted to give everyone a status update on the record copying and indexing project. The archive is currently closed for the summer, but we hope to get started in early September.

      As you know I asked a few months ago for help in funding a project through Gesher Galicia to copy and index Kanczuga Property Owner records located in the Lviv archives for the years 1786-1788 and 1819-1820. I asked that each of you join me in contributing $50 towards the cost of the project, which would include creating an inventory of all records that exist for Kanczuga (in case there are more than just property owner records available), copying the records, and creating an index of the records. Gesher Galicia offers a $250 matching grant for projects that raise $250 first, and we are currently under $30 away from reaching that threshold. Thank you to everyone who has already contributed, and I hope others interested in Kanczuga will also contribute towards this effort. I' d really like to get the project fully funded before the end of the month so we can hit the ground running at the beginning of September. One for $50 donation will put us over the top and insure this project gets started on time.

      The easiest way to contribute is via PayPal or Credit Card, using the instructions on this page:

      Basically, if you have a PayPal account you'll be sending the money to geshergalicia@.... In the note, you should indicate this project as:

      Kanczuga Cadastral Map Project 

      Once you have sent in payment, please send me a copy of your paypal receipt (which should show up immediately) via e-mail (philip@...) so I ca n track what payments have been made.

      If you can't or prefer not to pay online, contact me and I can send you instruction for donating via check or money order.

      All the best,

      Philip Trauring
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