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Re: [Kanczuga] Malia Rosenbluth

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  • J.C.Keiner
    Dear Lisa There is an 1898 marriage record from Kanczuga which shows that a Mala Rosenbluth from Lezajsk, daughter of Joseph Juda and Brandla, registered for
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      Re: [Kanczuga] Malia Rosenbluth Dear Lisa

      There is an 1898 marriage record from Kanczuga which shows that a Mala Rosenbluth from Lezajsk, daughter of Joseph Juda and Brandla, registered for marriage at the age of 58 with Baruch Shiffman, son of Mayer and Sima of Pantalowice, then aged 70. Lezajsk is Lizhensk, where Rabbi Noam Elimelech came from. It’s not a record of their original marriage— many long married Jewish couples only formally registered their marriages with the Austro-Hungarian authorities for the purposes of obtaining passports or for some similar reason relating to official documents requirements introduced around that time.

      The Kanczuga birth records show the following children of their marriage (she is often listed as “Amalia”):

      Mayer       1866 (died aged 6)
      Meilech      1873
      Sime            1874
      Avraham     1877
      Rachel          1881

      The fact that Esther Rivka’s birth isn’t registered isn’t significant in itself— several of my great grandparents’ children including my own grandfather weren’t registered.
      Clearly Mayer and Sime are named after his parents, who must have died by then.

      There is another Esther Rivka, born in 1870, the son of Meilech and Rachel Rosenbluth— maybe Mala’s brother and sister in law. She is listed as marrying Aron Bier in 1900. The record list I have only goes up to 1903, so it’s possible Esther Rivka Schiffman married or registered her marriage after that date.

      However, Meilech and Rachel Rosenbluth also had a son Joseph Juda in 1865. So you would need to see how those dates match what you know of when Mala Rosenbluth was born.

      In respect of Mark Lessner’s information, there is a Moshe Schiffman born to Eisig and Miriam Schiffman in 1876, which seems a likely date match for an 1898 marriage. Eisig, son of Mayer and Sima, died aged 45 in 1886. So he was the brother of Baruch, husband of Mala— so your family and Mark’s are closely related.

      The Kanczuga marriages list shows a Moshe Schiffman, aged 24 y 6m marrying Rywka Gruned in 1895, but that Moshe is listed as the son of Isaac Markus Schiffman.and Ryvka Adler. Eisig and Isaac could be the same.

       It gives Marriage Banns being issued for Moses Schiffman (son of Eisig and Miriam) and Ester Flucker (daughter of Wolf & Perla) in 1902. Their Jewish marriage could well have taken place long before that. She is also listed as coming from Lezajsk. They have a son, Eisig, who is listed as dying aged 1 in 1903. They are also listed as losing two infants, each just a few  days old in 1901—almost certainly twins, who often didn’t survive. And they lost a fourth child, Salamon, aged 6 months in 1903— possibly the earlier death of another set of twins.

       The Lezajsk connection plus the repeated use of the name “Meilech” makes the Noam Elimelech connection quite likely— but far from certain. It could be that just being from Lezajsk led to the assumption of kinship/descent being made.

      A web site of known descendants of the Noam Elimelech is here:

      Your family names are not amongst those listed. But it may not be complete, and it’s worth contacting the person listed as the web page manager.

      There’s a family connection between my own maternal family— Frommers of Kanczuga-- and the Rosenbluths. One of the daughters of my great grandparents, David and Rivka Dwora Frommer, Royza, married Wolf Walker of Kanczuga. Their son Joseph married Feige (Fay) Rosenbluth, daughter of Isaac and Balci Rosenbluth— Joe and Fay were Holocaust survivors who emigrated to the States soon after the war. Her brother Luzer also survived and emigrated to the US. She wrote a book about her brother’s and her own wartime experiences which is on sale via Amazon:


      The book is full of interesting information about life in pre war Kanczuga.

      With best wishes

      Judy Keiner

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      My mother's mother's mother, Sara Kupfer-Schachter was born and raised in Kanczuga, as was her mother, Esther Rivka Schiffman-Kupfer (married to Shmuel Zvi). I am interested in any information on my family from Kanczuga, but most specifically, there is a tradition from Esther Rivka's mother, Malia Rosenbluth (married to Baruch Schiffman) that she comes from the Noam Elimelech. I don't know if Malia Rosenbluth is from Kanczuga, or came there when she married, but am very interested in finding out more.



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