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asking for descendants of Rabbi Elimelech (of Lezansk) from Kanszuga)

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    Dear friends, In one of the previous messages there is a note (by Yehudit G.) for Getzel Holoszycer who was known to be a direct descendant of the Rabbi
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      Dear friends,

      In one of the previous messages there is a note (by Yehudit G.) for "Getzel Holoszycer" who was known "to be a direct descendant of the Rabbi Elimelech".

      Getzel Holoszycer" (Halley), b. 1876 in Kanczuga (and immigrated to NY), was a son of Jakob & Ester (nee Jacobes). Acording to JRI records:
      -- Children of Jakob & Ester: Markus (b. 1871), Frieda (b. 1872), Getzel (b. 1876), Moshe (b. 1879), Rivka-Miriam (b. 1882), Ephraim (b. 1884), Sima (b. 1887).
      -- Parents of Ester: Leizer and Sima Jacobes
      -- Children of Leizer and Sima Jacobes: Ester (b. 1851), Rivka (b. 1861, married to Baruch Segal/Ziegel), Rachel (b. 1866)

      There is a literature information for Frieda (daughter of Jacob Holoszycer of Kanczuga; Frieda was the mother of the famous Meir Ya'ari /Wald), that she was a descendant of Rabbi Elimelech. http://www.knesset.gov.il/mk/eng/mk_eng.asp?mk_individual_id_t=433

      It seems that Getzel Holoszycer and Frieda are brother and sister. We try to find the direct link of this family to Rabbi Elimelech.

      Our requests:
      1.Traditions for additional persons from Kanczuga, who were "descendents of Rabbi Elimelech".
      2.Additional information about the above families
      3.Contact with living descendents of Jakob & Ester Holoszycer (especially with Gezel's descendents)
      4. Contact with living descendents of Leizer and Sima Jacobes descendents

      We'll be grateful of every piece of information.

      Thanks in advance,

      The descendants of the NOAM ELIMELECH, who are studying the family roots. ISRAEL.

      Please reply here or to: ENoam –at– 013.net.il
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