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Jewish Records Indexing - Poland Projects

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  • eden_joachim
    I want to make a correction to Judy Keiner s message about her access to Kancuga data through Jewish Records Indexing - Poland. JRI-Poland is an independent,
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      I want to make a correction to Judy Keiner's message about her access to Kancuga data through Jewish Records Indexing - Poland.

      JRI-Poland is an independent, 501 (c)(3) organization that indexes records in various Polish State Archive locations throughout Poland. They also attempt to index records, predominantly 20th century data, which are housed in various Urzad Stanzu Cywilnegno locations in Poland(USC - local records offices). These later records are indexed under the auspices of the Medical/Genetics Database division of JRI-Poland, for the purposes of locating extended family when life threatening illnesses are found in a family. Bone marrow donors have been found using this Database. JRI-Poland Executive Director (and founder) Stanley Diamond initiated this project in order to advise distant relatives that an inherited, genetic condition existed in their family.
      Jewish Records Indexing - Poland does not SELL access to data. Every project is coordinated by a volunteer (I am one for more than 10 years)who contacts interested researchers in order to request CONTRIBUTIONS to defray the costs of the indexing done by paid staff in Poland. Making a Qualified Contribution (the minimum amount necessary for a given town) allows the contributor access to data for that town.
      The Database Sharing Agreement (DBSA) mentioned by Judy is required for each contributor for each town or project. It protects the contributor and JRI-Poland.
      Data in USC offices especially,is protected by Polish privacy laws, which state that data less than 100 years old may not be made public. JRI-Poland was able to gain access to that data for the Medical/Genetics Database by guaranteeing the data would not be shared "wholesale". Rather, qualified contributors receive only entries from the master file for their Surnames, not the entire file, as is the case for PSA data projects.
      No data provided to any contributors or researchers through JRI-Poland may be posted on this group website or any other public website. A link to the JRI-Poland website, www.jri-poland.org may be posted on this website.
      Surname Frequency Lists for each project are available from the coordinator of that project, either the Town Leader or Archive Coordinator. Contact information for all projects may be found on the JRI-Poland website. Click on Your Town from their homepage.

      Please respect Jewish Records Indexing - Poland's relationship with the Polish State Archives. We all want to continue to have access to records of our ancestors in order to grow our family trees, make connections and learn about those who came before us.

      Thanks for understanding,
      Eden Joachim
      Pomona, NY
      Archive Coordinator for Rzeszow and Skolyszyn (and all towns therein)
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