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73Re: [Kanczuga] I just found this group

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  • sschiffman
    Jul 13, 2014
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      Elaine, can you help us with this?

      My father, Nathan, was the son of Shimon. I don't know his parents names. Maybe my sister does. His first cousins are Nathan Silberman and Sidney Silberman.  I don't know the names of their parents. 


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      My grandmother'a uncle was Morris Schiffman. 

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      There is a Shimon Schiffman born to Wolf and Laya Scherz in 1885.

      There are no Bierfasses listed in the Kanczuga records 1847-1903.

      Do you know the first names/maiden names of the Silberman cousins of Simon Schiffman?
      I have Natan (1858), Joseph Benjamin (1854) Mechel (1900) and Liebe (1895) in my Kanczuga family database.


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      I'm not sure whether we are related, but my maternal grandmother, Tillie Bierfass came to the US in the early 1900s and lived with her Schiffman cousins in Brooklyn. She came from Siedliska, which at the time was in Austria and later in Poland.

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      On Jul 11, 2014, at 11:42 AM, "sschiffman@... [kanczuga]" <kanczuga@yahoogroups.com> wrote:



      My father and his cousins are from Kanczuga. My father lost his sisters and parents in the Holocaust. There is much history in between then and his eventual relocation to the U.S. He eventually made his home in New Jersey and then retired to Florida.

      My father died in 2003 at the age of 83. His wife is still alive, she is from England. My sister lives in Florida and I live in California.

      My grandfather was a cattle dealer named Simon Schiffmann and my father is Nathan. His cousins were the Silbermanns.

      Have I stumbled upon the right website?

      Sheila Schiffman



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