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20310Re: Coaching infrastructure work

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  • macrorain
    May 18, 2017
      Thank you! :) 

      Thinking back, there weren't really that many difficult parts (probably a once in a lifetime experience, I'm working with a development team in the same department with nowhere close to the same results). 

      I guess the trickiest part was the fact that they had (and still have to some extent) a high percentage of blockers. They had a quite ingrained habit of accepting the fact that something was blocked, and just waiting for it to resolve itself. So for this team really pushing on blocked items, and also trying to anticipate what will be blocked and why (and try to figure out how to avoid that before even starting on the task) is probably still the main focus point for further improvement.

      Best regards,

      ---In kanbandev@yahoogroups.com, <mattias.skarin@...> wrote :

      Great casestudy and good data.

      Would be interesting to elaborate on "which were the hard parts?"


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