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PUB: eric hoffer award

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    ... ================== http://hofferaward.com/ Welcome to the Eric Hoffer Award The Eric Hoffer Award (formerly the Writers Notes Award) for short prose
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      >>PUB: eric hoffer award

      Welcome to the Eric Hoffer Award

      The Eric Hoffer Award (formerly the�Writers' Notes�Award) for short prose and�books was established at the start of the 21st century as a means of opening a door to writing of significant merit. It honors the memory of the great American philosopher�Eric Hoffer�by highlighting salient writing. The winning stories and essays are awarded prizes and published annually in the anthology,�Best New Writing, along with the results of the�book awards.

      The Prizes�
      Two grand prizes are awarded annually: one for�short prose�(i.e. fiction and creative nonfiction) and one for�independent booksfrom small, micro, and academic presses, as well as self-published books. Prizes include a $500 award for short prose and a $1,500 award for best independent book. In addition to the two main grand prize awards, various other honors and distinctions are given for both prose and books, including the�Montaigne Medal.Submissions are accepted each year by�nominating�books and prose.�The book deadline is January 15th. The prose deadline is March 31st.

      If you are ready to register for an Eric Hoffer Award, please use one of the easy procedures or forms below:

      Submitting to the Eric Hoffer Award & Best New Writing
      The Eric Hoffer Award for prose and its associated publication,�Best New Writing, accepts nominations exclusively by electronic submission. Submissions are read quarterly following the last day of March, June, September, and December.�You will receive a response within two weeks of those dates.�Simultaneous submissions cannot be considered.�Please, no more than one submission per quarter. It is highly recommended that you read a volume of�Best New Writing�prior to submitting your work. It is an�inexpensive publication. Alternatively, you may ask your librarian to request a copy.

      Please follow the easy submission process outlined below.

      1) Place your story in the body of an e-mail.�
      The editorial staff only reads stories displayed as text inside an e-mail. Attached files will be automatically deleted. Please be mindful of your text presentation.�Remember to include adequate paragraph breaks and/or spacing. Submissions with special coding and other illegible characters will be returned unread.You may nominate one unpublished work of fiction or creative nonfiction each year, as long as it fits our�prose nomination guidelines.

      2) Place your personal information at the end of the story.�
      Place your contact information, including name, address, and phone number,�after your story text and not at the beginning. Your name should appear nowhere else in the submission.

      3) Place the word "submission" and your title in the subject line.�
      The word "submission" in the subject line of the e-mail lets us know that you are using our e-mail address to nominate a story. The title helps our editors collate the stories. All other e-mails will be automatically deleted.

      4) Send your e-mail nomination to�BestNewWriting@....
      This e-mail address has been reserved for nominations only. Submissions are read quarterly following the last day of March, June, September, and December. You will receive a response within two weeks of those dates. If your story is promoted to the next level, it is being considered for the Hoffer prize. We will notify you of the judging progress between May and July, if not much sooner.

      Note: If you skip any of the above steps, the editors may never get to read your story. Thank you and good luck!


      Submission Guidelines:�The Eric Hoffer Award occurs annually and is open to academic, independent, small press, and self-published books that were released or copyrighted in the last 2 years. (Books over 2 years enter the Legacy Fiction or Legacy Nonfiction category.) Yes, you may nominate your own book. One grand prize will be awarded for the entire contest. In addition, each category will be awarded a winner, runner-up, and multiple honorable mentions. Individual press awards will also be awarded. Registration automatically qualifies the book for Montaigne Medal consideration.�For each nomination, submit the book, nomination form, and $45 fee (check, money order, or�Internet payment�receipt) to�Hopewell Publications, PO Box 11, Titusville, NJ 08560.�Be certain to specify award category and press designation.�Registration will be confirmed via e-mail.�Judges may include authors, editors, agents, publishers, book producers, artists, experienced category readers, and health and business professionals. All entrants will be notified of winners, after April 30th�of the award year. After the contest, books will be donated to libraries, schools, and hospitals where appropriate, which are fine places to promote your book!�Submissions must be postmarked by January 21st of the award year. Note:�Contest closed to Hopewell Publications staff and previous Hoffer Award winning book entries. At the low nomination fee, it is not feasible to provide judge?s critiques for each entry.

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