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MEDIA RPT: nelson mandela as jon stewart's sex toy?

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  • Kalamu@aol.com
    ... ========================================= Friends and Comrades, There s some buzz about Bill O Reilly s racially ignorant remarks about Sylvia s Restaurant
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2007
      >>MEDIA RPT: nelson mandela as jon stewart's sex toy?

      Friends and Comrades,

      There's some buzz about Bill O'Reilly's racially ignorant remarks about
      Sylvia's Restaurant in Harlem.

      But the darling of left-liberal media jokesters Jon Stewart had a good time
      on his Friday, September 21 show, first at the expense of President Bush, and
      then at the expense of Nelson Mandela.  Blogs are cheerleading the way Stewart
      caught Bush in another dumb statement--that Nelson Mandela is dead.
      After a minute's mugging and double-taking of amazement and bepuzzlement,
      Stewart pulls a telephone from under his desk and pretends to dial a call.  I
      half expected to hear the great leader on the phone, confirming his
      with-us-ness.  The show has made surprise phone connections with celebrities on recent
      shows.  But no.  Some strange quacking sounds come out of the phone. Stewart says 
      "Nelly?" More quacking sounds.  "Thank God.  President Bush just said you
      were dead.  Wait a minute.  How do I know this is Nelson Mandela? What's the mole
      on my inner thigh shaped like?  It does look like a boot. [Sigh of
      satisfaction.]  I'll call you back."  Delighted laughter from the audience.

      The only comments I find on the web are kudos for Stewart's bashing of Bush. 
      No mention of Stewart animalizing Mandela with sounds that echo the mumbo
      jumbo sneer at non-White speech, or of his gender-bending Mandela by calling him
      Nelly.  No mention of him depicting Mandela as his sex toy.

      Stewart has surpassed Bill O'Reilly's dumb remark about Sylvia's.  In fact he
      has gone beyond Imus; this bit was not a spontaneous slip.  The phone under th
      e desk, the recorded sounds of a super-inarticulate Mandela, were all

      I'm curious that all the bloggers who cite this Stewart slur--you can still
      find a video of it on wwwcrooksandliars.com--are so bemused by Stewart's
      cleverness about Bush give no  thought to his sliming one of the few unblemished
      great men of the last century.  One website called brownfempower.com, a
      self-styled "Woman of Color Blog," only had gushing comments  about how John Stewart

      It is finally now out in the open that Stewart is another one of those White
      hipsters who have channeled Black culture to the point where, out of regret
      for their emotional dependency on Black originality, they need to take revenge
      through a racism that others conspire with them to overlook.

      See for yourself.

      Clyde Taylor

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