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new yahoo settings

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  • herzogbr42
    hi everybody- i just wanted to let you know that yahoo has recently updated their privacy policy and marketing preferences for all their users, which
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 8, 2002
      hi everybody-

      i just wanted to let you know that yahoo has recently updated their
      privacy policy and "marketing preferences" for all their users, which
      includes the subscribers of this list. basically what they did is
      came up with a whole new set of categories through which they can send
      out unsolicited email. to prevent this, you have to go to
      http://subscribe.yahoo.com/showaccount, log into your account, and
      click "no" for all of the things on which you do not want to receive
      email. the defualt setting is yes, which means that if you do not
      change these settings before june fifteenth (sixty days after they
      made this change), you are eligible to receive this unsolicted email.

      i have already changed my account, and again the url to go to is
      http://subscribe.yahoo.com/showaccount. also, here's what yahoo has
      to say about this:

      - - -
      "This new page will give you more specific control over how Yahoo!
      markets to you. The new categories below give you more control over
      what types of messages we send you and how we send them. You can
      change these at any time by visiting this page (it's linked from your
      Account Information page). Please note that your Yahoo! Delivers
      setting has not been changed. The newly created categories are for
      Yahoo! products and services only. If you have not yet received an
      email regarding your marketing preferences, please be assured that
      changes will not occur before June 15th, 60 days after email notices
      have been sent to all affected users. For more information, please
      visit our help pages."
      - - -

      you do not need to do anything if you don't want to. i just wanted to
      make sure everyone knew what was going on. thanks for being a
      part of this kafka list, and take care.

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