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One fragment.

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  • Robert Benet
    Looking at The fragments and different writings you will get one Kafka s literary work written: In my case can imagine three circumferences: one interior
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2005
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      Looking at "The fragments and different writings" you will get one Kafka's literary work written: "In my case can imagine three circumferences: one interior A,then B,then C.The nucleous A explains to B why this man must be tormented and had no belief in his own,why has to..............................every thing".( It would be better you try and conclude it by your preferable translation). Perhaps in every case one can imagine three circonferences as confermed or confuse them.Do you have any idea about these unexplainable waves?,I imagine the nucleous A without the nucleous B.Do you think it may exist?, I imagine the nucleous B without nucleous A.Don't you see it? I have seen the nucleous C shaped under the mute splendor of A.Do you ever left blind? Don't you see the B fluctuating? I like to remind the antique scen:B that stands firm,C that stands aside,the sun rising and A that was madly fond of.

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