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Thank you/I'll put 1 story up a week..untill someone says to stop

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  • keithkafka
    The Great Rain god By Keith Kafka The rain was tapping lightly at the window as the as the alarm clock radio buzzed annoyingly. Mike opened his eyes slowly and
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 8, 2003
      The Great Rain god
      By Keith Kafka

      The rain was tapping lightly at the window as the as the
      alarm clock radio buzzed annoyingly. Mike opened his eyes slowly and
      aimed a swipe at the alarm and silenced its noise. He lay there
      momentarily regaining his senses and feeling the ecstasy of his brain
      coming back online. This was his big day and even the rain wasn't
      going to dampen his spirits. He sat upright and scanned the floor for
      his pants that he had discarded the long night before. Seeing them in
      heap nearby where he had entered the bed, he reaches over and
      scoops them up. Standing up and heading towards the bathroom he
      grabs a fresh pair of socks and a clean shirt off of the dresser and
      them to the growing pile of clothing he carries. After a bit he is
      down at the morning paper as he chews slowly on a small bite of toast.
      The headline stands out in its extra bold typeface touting the message
      of the Mideastern war " IRAN IN RUINS, SAUDIS LOSE MORE CITIES". The
      war for oil had been going on strong for 6 months now and the rest of
      the world was busy choosing sides to ensure their own grip on
      precious oil reserves. Putting his paper aside, he opens his briefcase
      and opens the new white folder. His first day with this new company,
      checking out the new home wiring for CPU's which control the temp
      and lighting systems, was going to be a breeze since he had only 3
      homes to check on today. That was less then half of what he used to do
      for his old company and now he would be making twice as
      much.........sweeeeeet. His first check-up on the list was a townhouse
      a semi rural area 29 miles north of the city. The other two were on
      outskirts of the city making them easy checks on the way back in. The
      long drive was a pleasant break from the hectic city in spite of the
      gray sky and light drizzle . As he pulled into the long winding
      He saw the first house on his list sitting in a nice alcove of woods
      the top of the drive. Two work trucks were in front and a ladder was
      positioned against the east side of the home and next to that stood
      two folding sawhorses. The home itself is a nice two story townhouse
      with a light cedar siding finish giving it a rustic look. Walking up
      to the front door, Mike heard a skill saw buzz to life, whir its way
      through a board and then whine down to nothing again. Intermittent
      hammering was coming from the rear of the house as he turned the knob
      and entered the dwelling. He easily found the lower level control
      board amidst the tarps, ladders and various supplies scattered
      throughout the rooms. The smell of fresh paint was still strong in the
      air from rooms finished and awaiting their new owners. Mike made his
      way to the upper level keypad, made his checks and prepared for the
      walk to the back of the house to check the power box by zipping up his
      jacket close to his neck. The drizzle had increased a bit since he had
      been inside and he winced a bit into the wet wind as he began his trek
      to the rear of the home. As he rounded the corner of the building he
      a flash of white light and found himself sitting down on the wet grass
      next to his briefcase stunned. His face was pounding hot yet numb on
      his cheekbone and his vision was blurred. As his eyes started to clear
      his first sight was a set of white pants legs. He looked up in time to
      see a crazed looking man , who was standing over him now, swing
      another blow from a hammer down towards his head. The second blow
      grazed the side of his face, stinging his ear on its way down to a
      snapping hit to the collarbone. This time he felt every bit of the
      pain as he tried to grasp what was going on. He struggled to raise his
      arms as another blow from the hammer glanced off his forehead sending
      him into a trance like stupor, he knew he was losing conscienceness
      and had never dreamed that his life could ever end in this meaningless
      of a way. He looked up to the face of the man who now straddled his
      chest and was raising the hammer above his head in time to hear a loud
      whirring and crackling sound. He saw a larger man was now standing
      behind the hammer wielding one, running a circular saw up and across
      his back while ignoring the now steady spray of blood and bone bits to
      his face. The man sitting on his stomach tumbled forward while
      dropping his hammer at the same time. The larger man smiled a wide
      smile as he reached down and picked up the dropped hammer and then he
      stood there for a long time regarding the hammer as if he had found a
      treasure of sorts. He then turned and he walked towards the back of
      the house with not so much as a word. Mike didn't want to be there if
      he returned and knew that he was hurt and needed to get some help.
      The drizzle had turned to a steady rain now and was washing the
      blood away from his eyes and face as he made his way to his feet. He
      listened for footsteps as he turned and started to stagger towards the
      front of the house and the safety of his car. As he neared his car he
      saw with sudden terror that it was already occupied by four people
      who were laughing wildly at the one behind the wheel that had
      painted his face white. This was crazy, senseless and shockingly
      They saw Mike standing there looking at them in disbelief and at once
      they all exited the car in unison and started to run towards him.
      broke into a run down the driveway despite the pain from his injuries
      that caused his right arm to swing limply at his side as he ran.
      Extreme fear made mike run at a speed much faster then he had
      thought that he could muster and he gained a little distance on them
      as he stretched his legs out in a forced dead run. He was starting to
      winded by the end of the driveway and as he made the turn onto the
      road he noted that they were slowly starting to gain ground on him.
      The rain was becoming a downpour and he knew he was soaked to the skin
      making running almost a impossibility. As he shot a glance backwards
      he saw that two of them had stopped running and were now walking but
      that one of the two that were still running was gaining ground while
      the other runner was losing ground. All at once it seemed as if a
      flying wall of water hit them as a full-blown white out rain hit them
      in their tracks. Mike turned and ran in the same direction as the wind
      and found himself rolling headlong down a hill. As he jumped to his
      feet the roar of the blinding rain covered the sound of his crashing
      through the tall brush on the side of the road. He had made it a good
      20 feet into the edge of the woods when the white out rain subsided
      into a heavy drizzle. It was the break that he had needed as he froze
      in place and listened to the hollering and footsteps fade down the
      road. He slowly sat down in the thicket and caught his breath while
      regaining his composure. After about half a hour had passed without a
      sound other then the dripping of leaves and wind on branches Mike
      slowly stood up. He felt all the pain shoot to his head as he tried to
      move his shoulder. He was shivering cold and wet and needed to get his
      circulation going or he knew he would become a statistic in some
      police blotter. From the brush on the side of the road he looked both
      ways before standing up and stepping out onto the wet pavement. His
      heart then leapt into his throat as not less then 15 feet away from
      where he stood the man with the white face was screaming and crashing
      through the brush towards him. He must have lain there in the brush
      all that time waiting for Mike to come out into the open. Mike found
      himself running in the same direction from whence he had come with the
      white-faced man a few steps behind as he saw a truck in the distance
      nearing them. Mike figured that the truck must have been doing at
      least 80 m.p.h. when it got to a point where he saw the blood
      splattered face of the large man and made a last second leap out of
      the trucks way. The front bumper clipped and broke both of his legs at
      the same instant as he heard the fatal crunch of his pursuer against
      the trucks grille. He felt his body spinning out of control through
      the air as he caught a glimpse of the truck screeching out of control
      sideways into a rollover. Everything seemed to be in slow motion now
      to Mike as his body bounces and slides to a stop on his belly and face
      in middle of the road. He can taste blood as he sees billowing smoke
      coming from the spot where the truck had wrapped around a large pine
      tree. He tries to sit up but can only manage after what seems like a
      hour to roll over to his back. Everything seems to recede into a dark
      tunnel as Mike blacks out. Mike finds himself in a cold embrace with a
      creature of unbefore known beauty . A thing of twisting light and
      swirling colored liquid shades and forms holding him in the air and
      carrying him gently like a mother would hold her baby. So beautiful
      yet so cold it makes Mike shiver and smile at the same time. Mikes
      eyes snap open to a blinding light and stinging rain blowing hard at
      his face. The Great Rain god has come to take him and Mike smiles.

      "We have what appears to be a man down and also wreckage to the side
      of the road about a 1/2 mile down from site on the roadway " The
      Police chopper pilot relays over his two-way. The officer in the
      passenger seat looks down at mike laying on the road illuminated by
      their floodlight and says in a low tone " half a dozen crazies escape
      from the maximum security ward at Saint Johns and we have 12 confirmed
      dead, a lot of people were at the wrong place at the wrong time". The
      pilot nods as police cars and a ambulance come rolling over the low
    • herzogbr42
      ... actually keith, i am going to have to ask you to stop. not that i don t like your stories, but this kafka list is not the forum for them. the sole
      Message 2 of 2 , Jul 10, 2003
        > Re: Thank you/I'll put 1 story up a week..untill someone
        > says to stop

        actually keith, i am going to have to ask you to stop. not that i
        don't like your stories, but this kafka list is not the forum for
        them. the sole purpose of this list is to discuss franz kafka's
        stories, and i have to enforce that.

        i think it's cool that you're writing - and freely sharing what you
        write. if you'd like help setting up a new keith kafka mailing list,
        let me know and i'd be happy to help.

        to everyone else: if you would like to keep receiving keith's stories,
        please write to keith directly to request him send them directly to
        you (keith, please put me on that list).

        sorry to once again be the facist list moderator, but i hope you
        understand. take care.

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